Tuesday, May 17, 2011

600 special edition Barbie dolls in Pompano Beach collection - Florida Trend

Lifestyle: Barbie Fan - from Florida Trend, Florida's Source For Business News:

Barbie Room

"'Most of my collection consists of Barbie dolls made specifically for the adult collector,' Lichi says. 'They eventually go out of production and become more valuable. Some dolls were made specifically for certain stores, such as White Chocolate Obsession, which was released for Toys R Us Exclusives in 2005. This was part of the Flavor Obsession that also included Citrus Obsession and Peppermint Obsession.'

Perla Lichi

[Photo: Barry Grossman] No ordinary girls: 'I love Ferrari Barbie and Givenchy. The Hollywood Stars series is another favorite, including Hollywood Premier and Cast Party, and any of The Jewel Collection: Countess of Rubies, Empress of Emeralds, Queen of Sapphires and Duchess of Diamonds are fabulous."

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