Friday, April 15, 2011

Time is Right to collect Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars + related stories

Time is Right for Morgan and Peace Dollars:
"Starting with the 1879-S, a very common date with more than 9 million minted, one finds that in MS-65 this date costs only about $150. Yes, this is a price that is higher than that of some MS-60 specimen, but consider a few factors beyond the mintage and the price of silver and you’ll realize this coin is a steal."

The next place to direct our gaze is to the duet of the 1880-S and the 1881-S.

Taking the 1880-S and 1881-S a step further, it is worth looking at what are called “deep mirror proof-like” coins, again in the MS-65. Abbreviated DMPL, and often pronounced “dimple,” these are coins that are the best of the best without being actual proof coins.

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