Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tea Time: Collecting teapots in Australia: Janine's thousand teapots - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Collecting a cuppa: Janine's thousand teapots - ABC Wide Bay Qld - Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
Janine Beattie and teapot

"'I just like them,' Janine says. 'I like the shape of them, the colours, the designs. They're all unique and interesting.'
Janine's collection runs the full spectrum from kitchy novelty pots shaped like animals and houses to rare vintage items.
'The Sadler collection is now gaining value more and more, because Sadler no longer produces teapots. They were a very good teapot manufacturer. I also have a couple of Japanese teapots that are very good.
'I have an Australian one, it's brown and has a tree with a koala which makes up the handle. One like it recently at auction for a thousand dollars. We were living in Rockhampton at the time, and were going to Yeppoon for a picnic when we stopped at a little fruit stall on the side of the road. We walked in and here's these little teapots. I think it cost about $2.50.'"

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