Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Record Collecting : Christopher Eilers from the Vanilla Beans on Vintage Vinyl + #Vanilla recipes!

Last Collector Standing: Christopher Eilers on Living Behind Vintage Vinyl, Recording with His Band, Vanilla Beans, and Why Wham! Vinyl is Awesome - St. Louis Music - A to Z:
"Christopher Eilers is the guitarist in local indie rockers the Vanilla Beans. He is also a relatively new vinyl collector. Not having the common characteristic that most collectors share of a vinyl influence in his formative years of discovering music, Eilers' bedroom d├ęcor is only his metal rack of vinyl albums and his assorted musical instruments. Coincidentally, he currently lives in an apartment directly behind Vintage Vinyl, which is almost certainly feeding his collecting habit. We met there to discuss living behind a record store and why he has the album cover for Sebastian's Ross Ross Ross EP as a tattoo."''

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