Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rare keyboards on exhibit at Freeport, IL Art Museum >> musical instruments

Rare keyboards on exhibit at Freeport Art Museum - Freeport, IL - The Journal-Standard:
"Freeport, Ill. —
Once in awhile an exhibit comes along, so rare, it is worth opening it to special tours for schools. The latest exhibit at Freeport Art Museum is one of these rare finds. It is called “Sonata Coda: An exhibition of Keyboard.” It opens today.

Visitors will have a rare opportunity to view more than 20 original pianos and keyboard instruments from 1790 to present day, seeing and hearing how both the instruments and sound have changed over time. It is an opportunity to hear a Mozart concerto played on the same style of piano he composed it on.

All the instruments are part of a collection brought to Freeport by Steve Misener, from South Dakota."

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