Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poster artist Rob Churm: Glasgow music scene gig posters

Rob Churm @ Sorcha Dallas | The Skinny:

"A member of the bands Park Attack and Gummy Stumps, Rob Churm has been a prominent figure in the Glasgow music scene. His gig posters were once ubiquitous. Busy, black and white drawings of repeated patterns and mangled figures, there would hardly be a millimetre of paper visible through all the Xerox black.

Much in common with his earlier posters, Churm’s drawings and prints are in the main black and white with a strong emphasis on pattern and distorted human form. Often completely abstract, they can look like doodles taken from a notebook."

Disappointment is found in the overuse of Typex. A distractingly horrid material, it’s the light-absorbing ejaculate of a smelly android. [[Wow!]]

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