Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nascar Collecting - Upper Moreland-Willow Grove, PA Patch

Getting up to speed with Nascar collecting - Upper Moreland-Willow Grove, PA Patch:

"While you can find your fair share of signed Richard Petty baseballs and those signed by many other Nascar drivers. However, they are not going to bring much cash in the market. Going for about $50 each, they aren’t connected to a specific race so they aren’t desirable. It is best to obtain a related object, so ignore the abundance of unrelated objects.

If you only have a little money to spend on your Nascar collection like $20 to $40, consider the 1990s Kellogg’s cereal boxes featuring Jeff Gordon and other drivers. If you are Barbie collector, you can pick up Mattel’s 50th anniversary Nascar Barbie doll in full racing uniform for about $300."

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