Thursday, April 14, 2011

Milk bottle collector WON'T sell his £80k hoard + milk bottle stories

Milk bottle collector Steve Wheeler on why he WON'T sell his £80k hoard | Mail Online:
Bottled up: Collector Steve proudly shows off his 17,000-strong bottle hoard, which has taken him 30 years to build up
"His 14-tonne collection is now so large that it doesn't fit in his home, but he still flatly turned down an offer of £80,000 for the bottles from a fellow enthusiast.

Steve, 61, said: 'I found my first glass milk bottle on the side of a hill I had climbed in the mid 1980s.

'It was an unusual shape and I decided to keep it - and I haven't stopped collecting since then.

'The milk bottles are all completely individual - there's a fascinating history behind each and every one.

'They're becoming more important in terms of social history, because everyone just gets their milk in plastic or cardboard containers these days.

'When I got to 150 bottles I thought it was getting out of control - but that was nothing compared to what I have now."

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