Thursday, April 21, 2011

Incunables and illuminated manuscripts & #Greek pottery: exhibit at Bryn Mawr College - Rare books #Squidoo

A wide range of holdings to mark its 125th anniversary. -

"'Worlds to Discover: 125 Years of Collections at Bryn Mawr College.' Its aesthetic brilliance, along with the complexity of its message, fills us with wonder.

Among the readily identifiable works that establish the art collection as major are pieces from the ancient world - the Attic (greek) black-figure storage jar and the Attic red-figure plate that have been studied by generations of students; medieval illuminated manuscripts (Wikipedia) of unusual distinction; and one of the largest collections of books printed before the year 1500. Plus a trove of old-master prints (Wikipedia) studied in art-history classes, notably the etching Rembrandt Drawing at a Window (1648), and anthropology collections of the Americas with beautiful utilitarian artifacts from the Arctic, the U.S. Southeast, and the Northwest Coast.

Red-figure Greek serving plate for fish 4th ce...Image by mharrsch via Flickr

Red-figured Greek Red-Figure Kantharos (Drinki...Image by mharrsch via Flickr

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