Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hat collection from around the world on display (see + #Hat news

Stacey Miller's hat collection is in demand | Democrat and Chronicle |
Stacey Miller sits in the middle of her hat collection from around the world. Miller has more than 900 hats in her Mendon home.
"These are no ordinary hats.

Instead, you'll find Burmese chieftain hats decorated with boar tusks, hats from Afghanistan covered with beads and turquoise stones, a Native American deer dance headdress, a 'mystery' gourd hat covered in leather and animal horns and shells, a hat from the African country of Lesotho (a country that displays a hat on its flag), an Indonesian head hunter's hat, Amazonian hats spiked with feathers and embroidered Chinese caps with scary faces worn to ward off evil.

And this is no ordinary collector; the hats are simply prelude to travel stories and lessons in history, geography and anthropology."

She recently completed her website,

bergdorf exhibit hat horizons

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