Saturday, April 9, 2011

Biggest Train Collection in the world > 27,00 different items 1850-1930

A Model Train Collector's One-Track Mind - CBS Sunday Morning - CBS News:

Full story also on video below - caution: brief commercial opening

"For nearly fifty years, Green has been accumulating model trains and the paraphernalia that goes with them. 'All of these trains were manufactured by a company called Bing,' he said. 'I believe they went in business around 1860 or 1866; they stayed in business up until 1933. 'I eventually collected every accessory and station that Bing had made, from when they went into business until they went out of business.'

'That's how many pieces, you think?' asked Teichner.

'Over a thousand.'" [That's just the Bing collection, there's +27,000 items total that will be sold to one bidder!]

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