Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bakelite and Plastic Museum + more Bakelite stories and resources

Bakelite and Plastic Museum

Testing for bakelite (by Lottie van Sloten)
If you are not sure your item is made of bakelite, there are ways to find out. You may find a marking on it, that tells you the item is made of bakelite. You can find a marking like ‘Philite’, ‘Futurit’ and more names that end with ‘it’ or ‘ite’. If you can’t find any markings, you can do one of the following tests.
1. The Rub Test.
This test relies a great deal on the sense of smell. Rub the surface of the object in question with a very clean and dry finger. Rub until you get a friction and feel heat. Then smell the area you rubbed immediately. Bakelite has a chemical smell like formaldehyde and is very sharp.

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