Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unusual Food Collection > Local man’s ‘taste’ for collecting > Huntington, Indiana Newspaper

Local man’s ‘taste’ for collection at end of spectrum | the Huntington County TAB - Huntington, Indiana Newspaper:
"Some people collect baseball cards; others amass coins, stamps or even Pez dispensers.

Bryan Ballinger's collection would be at the end of the spectrum, bordering somewhere between unusual and absurd.
Ballinger has been collecting unusual food items for the last 14 years, pulling together a collection of almost 80 items.

The item, a small jar of Shippam's Bloater, caught Ballinger's eye because of one of the ingredients.

'Apart from bloater (a term used for smoked herring), one of the other ingredients is ‘other fish',' he says. 'That just struck me as odd.'

And it was that odd fascination that piqued Ballinger's interest."

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