Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#Scrapbooking and #Gardening #hobby info

Strange compilation of hobbies w/ very basic info and terminology
Info on popular hobbies like Scrapbooking and Gardening
Purpose of Hobbies
Details on Scrapbooking
Digital Scrapbooks Popularity
Techniques of Drawing
Types of Gardening
Hobbies and Profit

Jewelry Making Methods
Bead Jewelry Techniques
About Doll Collection
Candle Making Tips
Types of Woodworking
Stitching and Knitting

Details on Knitting
Crochet vs. Knitting
Cross Stitch Designs
Varieties of Embroidery
Information on Quilting
About Other Hobbies

Face Painting Tips
Common Antique Collections
Guide to Pottery
About Origami Patterns
Styles of Graffiti

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