Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red Wing Union Stoneware Company + #Pottery Articles

Vintage Red Wing tea set is a keeper
"After the discovery in 1861 of huge, prehistoric clay pit beds near the town of Red Wing, Minn., the area quickly became a center for clay and stoneware manufacturing.
The Red Wing Stoneware Co., formed in 1877, was just one of several local businesses to use the newly found natural resource, but became the central focus of stoneware production after merging with the other local potteries to form the Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. in 1906.

While early production included mostly utilitarian items such as jugs, churns, water coolers and flower pots, Red Wing Stoneware diversified and expanded its production to include art pottery and dinnerware, and it changed its name to Red Wing Potteries in 1936 as a result.
The company closed in 1967, but its technical records, name and legal rights were bought in 1984, and stoneware production resumed under the new owner.

The company was sold again in 1998 but is still in operation, producing kitchenware and decorative items that are well-known throughout the United States and considered collectible by many pottery enthusiasts.
COLLECTING RED WING: The quality, sturdiness and aesthetic appeal of Red Wing stoneware has led it to be dubbed 'the Cadillac of pottery' by many stoneware collectors."

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