Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2 websites w/ #List of most #popular #Hobbies

Discover A Hobby - Ultimate List of Hobbies - Most popular Hobbies: "
Total of 225 hobbies represented with articles on each one. Separate section on "collecting" hobby with topics including:

Action Figures
Autograph Collecting
Auto Restoration
Coin Collecting
Comic Books
Concert Posters
Classic Cars
Doll Collecting
Fine Art Collecting
Hot wheel & Matchbox Cars
Key Chain Collecting
Model Die Cast Cars
Movie Memorabilia
Music Memorabilia
Pistol / Guns
Records (Vinyl)
Rock, Gem, Fossil, & Mineral
Spoon Collecting
Sports Collectibles
Sports Trading Cards
Stamp Collecting
Wood Powerboats

Worlds Largest List of Hobbies!
238 hobbies listed [with noticeable gaps] and articles about the basics of about half the hobbies listed.

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