Thursday, August 18, 2011

Collecting Antique Tin Toys + Tin Toy Prices |

Yesterday's Toys, Collecting Antique Tin Toys - Tin Toy Prices:

Yesterday's Toys -- Tin's In
A WOW toy that falls down and gets up
Barb Crews

WOW toys?  Ok what does WOW mean in the context of collectible toys? WOW toy designers make educational toys in Hammersmith, London. Then there's Words of Wonder and World of Warcraft.  Don't think that's what the article is about. But as my mind likes to figure out acronyms, so maybe: Wind up Once Wobble Toys, or something like that. What's it mean? Drop a line if you know.

Interview with the tinman - Toys and Dolls Show, Kansas City
About twice a year, there is a local Toy & Dolls Show and Sale that I never miss. One of the highlights of the show is hanging around with the tinman from Kansas, Ken Holmes of Yesterday's Toys. His colorful booth is always a delight with dozens of antique tin toys that do all sorts of fun things.
"I started collecting and buying toys around 1989-1990 and did my first show in 1991. Now I sell at about 9 shows a year and, since I have a full time job, limit myself to shows that are within driving distance."

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