Friday, March 2, 2012

Will the new FB timeline for Business make it easier to create a good looking Page?

How to Design a Facebook Timeline for Business Page:
Screenshot of Completed Fac...

Will the facebook timeline make it easier to create a good looking Business Page?

In the past, the system for creating an "application" to fit inside a business Page was difficult for most people, unless you're a computer programmer. Inserting a simple flash slideshow in an iframe sounds like an easy task. The learning curve was too steep for non-nerds to create an "app" and host it on an external server using the proprietary fHTML code.   Naturally, a legion of experts sprouted up willing to help you spend some large cash for a simple Page. As always with FB, the old Business Page platform is likely to be abandoned in favor of this new tech.

UPDATE: Business pages are live as of Saturday, March 3

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