Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disney store pulls Joy Division Mickey Mouse mashup tee shirt - Boing Boing (! got mine today)

Disney store offers, then pulls, Mickey t-shirt based on iconic Joy Division album cover - Boing Boing:

The Disney Store is now offering was, until January 25th, selling a new t-shirt design based on the iconic Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" album cover, with Mickey Mouse's face inserted in those wavy lines. From Manchester to Mousechester!
My copy came in the mail today. I'm pretty sure it's not original as I expect the real Disney shirt to have the logo on the shirt label. But for an instant meme, and a funny shirt, it's worth it. It will be reprinted at print-on-demand stores as this article goes to press.
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Two New “Mirror Mirror” Movie Posters Released Julia Roberts & Lily Collins | Disney Dreaming

Two New “Mirror Mirror” Movie Posters Released | Disney Dreaming:

MemeMovie posters: Technoviking is the star of a viral video - Meme posters | mememovieposters


Technoviking is the star of a viral video from Berlin’s annual techno event known as the “F**kparade” from July of 2000. The video features an unruly man shoving a woman before being grabbed by a shirtless man with a beard who pushes him away. The shirtless man is then handed a water bottle before walking down the street dancing to techno music.

Here's the original video that inspired the meme and hence inpsiring this poster

Visit mememovieposters to see two dozen Meme Poster designs and explore the original memes

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Hey Girl, Foursquare Ryan Gosling Memes Should Be on Your Radar:
The “Hey Girl” meme, featuring actor Ryan Gosling, now comes in a new social media-infused flavor — Foursquare — after being on the market in other iterations since 2008.
Using Google+‘s new meme generator, Nicole Buergers from 4sqday created 14 new flirtatious “Hey Girl” memes that put a twist on common Foursquare terms and phrases on top of various photos of Gosling.

New Batwing Batman minifig flyer from #ToyFairNY #TF12 | Mezco

Mezco Toyz | Movie, Television and Proprietary Action Figures & Collectibles:
Featured Shop: Mez-Itz
Klick images to see all of them in a shadowbox with thumbnails at the bottom

Mez-Itz Batwing and Batman
2012 (Mezco Toys)
Creature from the Black Lagoon

Mr. Krabs
Spongebob, now with more attitude
Mezco has some great action figures for the new season from Spongebob, Batman and horror films with a stylized Frankenstein and a classic Black Lagoon creature.

Jedi Master Yoda - talking plushie

List of block-style figures

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Crazy for cards #Collection of 80,000 business cards since he was 8 years old

Crazy for cards:
Quite a collection: P. M. (Doc) Koepfer shows off some of the business cards in is collection of 80,000. He's been collecting business cards since the age of six.
Kloepfer, who is known as Doc to his friends, has been collecting business cards since he was a child. His pre-signed business card identifies him as Texas Admiral P. M. (Doc) Kloepfer.

"I am an honorary admiral in the state of Texas, appointed by George W. Bush, when he was governor," he said, showing certificates naming him an Admiral in the Texas Navy and an Honorary Texan. "I asked for them - I knew they were available."

It was during a childhood train trip with his mother that Kloepfer's interest in collecting business cards began.

"The first card I got was the conductor of the train. I went and met him and he gave me his card. That was the start of it," he said. "I was six."
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