Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1936 Disney original animation art on auction @SwannGalleries Mickey, Pinocchio, Lampwick

Swann Auction Galleries : Sale 2274 - Full Details for Lot 50:

Sale 2274 Lot 54 -  (PINOCCHIO AND LAMPWICK.)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Nowhere Man" - Jeremy Hilary Boob Yellow Submarine animation cell @SwannAuction Galleries

Swann Auction Galleries : Full Details for Lot 58:

Sale 2274 Lot 58 
BEATLES. Animation cel from Yellow Submarine.  Estimate $400-600
Original color hand-painted animation cel from the musical fantasy film Yellow Submarine

New Yellow Submarine collectable vinyl figures scheduled to be released April 2012. These are well-detailed figures with two colors of PVC and fantastic applied paint colors.

Beatles Yellow Submarine FUNko Pop! toys

Kitty Pop! Rocks

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lladro jazz reception and high porcelain photos - samurai, Hindu dieties

Lladro jazz reception and high porcelain photos - samurai, Hindu dieties

 Lladro reception uptown near 57th Street featured jazz musicians and rose Prosecco in the three-story atrium at their showroom. The company is expanding their brand into the next millennium by attracting a younger crowd and creating the next generation of collectables for the Transformers generation. Actually, that's a few years off, they're likely targeting the tail end of the baby-boomers who have enough disposable income to consider adding these very attractive statues to their art collection. I can imagine Godzilla in porcelain, or figures with movable parts on pivots and elastic bands. What kind of designer porcelain will attract generation X, Y and Zed?

     invitation to the event

Contemporary collectable figures from the opening at the New Museum in New York featured the new direction the company is taking. Lladro Atelier commissioned three artists to create a series of  limited-edition figures using a blank porcelain cartoon character by Lladro as a starting point, much like the Disney vinylmation series and KidRobot designer toys.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Toy fair poster - wrapping up coverage this weekend TF12 ToyFairNY

Toy fair poster - wrapping up coverage this weekend 
Toy Fair 2012 Poster

Tasmanian Devil potato head figure 2012 #Toys #ToyFairNY #TF1... on TwitpicMr. Potato Head sans organic matter on TwitpicMore Mr. Potato #ToyFairNY #TF12 New #Toys 2012 on Twitpic
"Mr. Potato Head, I love you" (slogan)

Mr. Potato Head lost his vegetable host in this series with Looney Tunes Taz (Sarcophilus harrisii) the whirlwind from Tasmania, Buggy Bunny, Daddy Duck and the Wicked Witch of The West from The Wizard of Oz. See images of the series of Wizard of Oz Funko vinyl figures of Dorothy, the witch and the spooky flying monkey.

Preorder at BigBadToyStore

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lets Donut - Yummy plushies from KidRobot #Toys

Free Stickers with any yummy plush toy or apparel purchase! 
Only in KidRobot stores while supplies last.
Free Stickers with any yummy toy or apparel purchase!  Only in KR stores while supplies last.

Lemon and Lime

Lladro Atelier - designer porcelain by Hayon, Biskup, Devilrobots artists + a jazz soiree opening | Collecting News Briefs

Click to see all images

Lladro Atelier created a new series of porcelain figures by working with three designers from different backgrounds who spent time in Spain at the Lladro factory working with the craftsmen to produce these limited-edition designer toy porcelain pieces.  

 Lladro Atelier designer porcelain show new museum on TwitpicNew Museum opening - Lladro Atelier black dunny #designer #Co... on Twitpic

You are invited to a jazz soiree
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