Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grading posters and works of art on paper

It's important to know exactly what condition you auction items is, especially if it's for sale online. Pick the grading system thats right for your items, or find out what Excellent condition means in an auction description.

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Excellent condition: Buying posters at auctions
Vintage Auction Paddles
Grading systems for memorabilia

Ten point system

Poster grading with pin point detail

Six point poster grading

Poster condition for eBay auction items

Five point system

Auction house grading

Poster defects - paper and image quality

Visible blemishes and printing errors

bleed-throughs or staining of paper by grease and oil
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What is an ebook?

What is the Kindle Fire Color eReader?

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Entire books are stored electronically that can be downloaded and viewed on electronic book readers or "eReader". And now, ebooks can be rented from the library, and magazines can be viewed in full color on a lightweight device that s more than half the price of an Apple iPad.
Phoenix rising from the Fire
This is the one we've been waiting for - Kindle in color!
What is the Kindle Fire? Amazon is in the market of making eReaders - electronic book readers that can download hundreds of free books and current best-sellers.
Magazines in full color
The Fire is the only Kindle with Amazon Silk, so you can surf the net and watch YouTube or check Facebook. Web pages load fast with dual-processing over the cloud network. You can watch Abode Flash applications with Silk for an engaging experience with multi-media websites (Apple iThings do not play Flash software). That alone is one of the best reasons to buy the Kindle Fire.
Fire has double the amount of memory as the other Kindle models (8GB total) so you can store apps, movies, music and books. But who needs storage when there's the Cloud? It's free to store any digital product purchased at Amazon for a wireless reading device on the Cloud Drive.
Jeff Bezos holds the Fire at a press release
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