Friday, September 9, 2011

RT @RareToys - My first diecast car convention |

My first diecast car convention:
5858891512 da2a42677e z My first diecast car convention
"Nashville Collector’s Experience. This wasn’t your normal convention where you walk into a giant hall filled with endless tables of people selling their stuff. Instead, collectors that were staying at the hotel where the convention was held opened their rooms up, allowing anyone to walk in and check out their cars for sale. You had to walk from room to room to see what people had for sale, often creating a somewhat awkward experience…it’s not every day you walk into someone’s hotel room to make a purchase. On top of that, people were scattered around the hotel so you had to jump floors to see everything. If you ask me, this room-to-room format really hurts the experience and in the long run I think it limits how much people can sell. Had everyone been in one spot I probably would have purchased more."

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I’m wacko about collecting Jacko - Michael Jackson Memorabilia -

I’m wacko about collecting Jacko - Music -
Celeste Dixon, 26, a self-confessed ‘Jackoholic’ has amassed a collection of memorabilia worth almost 20,000 celebrating the life of her late hero.

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Van Vliet fruit canning jar - Auction Lot 59 - Norman C. Heckler & Company + Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)

Norman C. Heckler & Company - Catalog Lot 59 - Norman C. Heckler & Company:
"The / Van Vliet / Jar / Of 1881" Fruit Jar, America, 1880-1890. Cylindrical, aquamarine, ground mouth with glass lid and metal yolk clamp with attached wire extending vertically around jar - smooth base, quart.

No relation to artist Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)

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The vintage bottle collection of Tom McCandless will be sold in three sessions

The vintage bottle collection of Tom McCandless will be sold in three sessions:
Absentee Auction
The lifetime, single-owner bottle and flask collection of Tom McCandless – a dedicated collector whose recent passing left a void in the bottle and glass collecting field – will be sold in three sessions by Norman C. Heckler & Company.

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Pedal Cars, Tricycles, Radio Flyer Wagons + History |

Pedal Cars, Pedal Trains, Pedal Planes, Tricycles, Radio Flyer Wagons, Fire Truck Pedal Cars:
Pedal cars are considered to be true classics in many people’s minds. These are amazing replicas of the very pedal cars you may remember riding in as a child. We are excited that you chose our company for your pedal car and pedal toy needs.
We have all kinds of pedal cars, including fire truck pedal cars, police cruiser pedal cars, pedal car racers, and even pink pedal cars. We also have pedal planes and pedal trains, as well.

Pedal Car History

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