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Collecting 4,957 baseballs at 48 different major league stadiums - The Baseball Collector

The Baseball Collector:
"Zack Hample has snagged 4,957 baseballs at 48 different major league stadiums"

The story starts in the year 2000, and continues up to this day.

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Lego Battleship: BIGGEST LEGO SETS - Lego V.I.P Lego Club


Lego V.I.P Lego Club, The place to get insider info on new LEGO sets for 2011 and into the future. You will learn new things about Lego as they happen as well as getting up to date reviews on new Lego sets for girls, boys and adults as they are released!

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Largest Coca-Cola collection for sale from Elizabethtown, KY collector -

Coca-Cola memorabilia sale is the real thing - Travel - Destination Travel - US and Canada -
Image: Larry Schmidt
Larry Schmidt looks over some of the dozens of vending machines in his Coca-Cola museum in Elizabethtown, Ky. The largest collection of Coke memorabilia, some 80,000 items, is set to be auctioned off beginning in September. The Schmidts plan to start a family foundation with the money they raise and will give to charities.

"The entire collection is valued in the millions and includes one-of-a-kind posters, rare serving trays, century-old lithograph calendars, unique bottles, colorful jewelry, lighted signs, vending machines and toys. There's even the side of a Kentucky barn that served as a giant Coke ad."

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Art book collector Arthur Jaffe - Sun Sentinel

Career of art book collector Arthur Jaffe a real page-turner - Sun Sentinel

Jaffe is synonymous with rare book collecting in Palm Beach. He established the Book Center at Florida Atlantic University in 1998 when he and his late wife Lois donated 2,800 titles to the university. There are now 12,000. And after 13 years curating Boca Raton's Jaffe Center for Book Arts and its treasures, he marked his birthday on May 7 with an announcement: "I'm retiring."
[Page 3] He traces his memory for what sparked his passion for books and settles on two recollections. During Arthur's childhood, his father Max hand-built bookcases back home to shelve the family's immense library. The second was meeting his first wife Lois, a University of Pittsburgh professor, at a wedding. Their first date? A restaurant nook inside the Peabody Book Shop at Charles Street in Baltimore. Without missing a beat, he proposed marriage after the meal. Lois thought he was crazy at first, but accepted. She shared his passion for harvesting books before she passed away.

Within the "Time Flies" exhibit, some of Jaffe's fondest collectibles rest in glass cases at the wing's entrance, along a second-floor landing and near the first-floor circulation desk. There's a 300-year-old "Ga'ez Bible" that Jaffe found in Masai territory in Kenya and a $5,000 edition of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" that took 17 years to hand-illustrate and bind.
There are stranger literary oddities still, such as a book crafted into slices of a cake and a red-stained book shaped like hands. A diary of Jaffe's wartime service sits in the first-floor lobby while a TV flashes a photo slideshow of Arthur in his formative years.
"For my birthday, people sent me letters telling me, in one fell swoop, I changed the character of the library," Jaffe said. "I didn't know I had an effect on it. The impact I leave here may be the joy I inspire in others."
"Time Flies When You're Having Fun" runs through Aug. 10 at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton.

Unusual Ventriloquist Puppet/Figure @ –

Ventriloquist Central Video Collecting Series – An Unusual Ventriloquist Puppet/Figure

Dan Willinger shows and talks about a very unique item, an unusual ventriloquist puppetVentriloquist Central Video Collecting Series – An Unusual Ventriloquist Puppet/Figure

[sorry, all ventriloquist dummies are creepy]

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Artist trading card gallery + info #ACEO #ATC (via

Huge gallery of ACEO artists with examples of more than 500 Thousands ACEO cards - which stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals" - playing card sized original artworks. These kinds of cards are for sale, and "Artist Trading Cards" (ATC) are traded in the mail with other collectors.

Find eight pages of articles about the hobby at, with extensive product reviews, interviews and demonstrations (see: 'Paper making' with a blender by Jet Eagleson).

Agraffiti: Unusual collection of #Graffiti gets an unexpected home:

Agraffiti art promoter gives his unusual collection an unexpected home:
"vintage spray-paint cans, some more than 50 years old, in a cabinet from Crate & Barrel. It’s a colorful installation of memorabilia — the graffiti fan’s version of collect-and-trade baseball cards — that Damien Hirst might envy.

The dining room sideboard may be an ornate antique bought from his mother, who runs estate sales in Bethesda, Md. But Gastman turned it into another stage for his passion, placing on top a hollow, see-through lamp base with nozzles from spray-paint cans.

“Who else would fill a big glass lamp with spray tips?” Neelon asked. “Roger has an impeccable eye for collecting and displaying art.”"

A cornucopia of corkscrews - Times-Standard Online

A cornucopia of corkscrews - Times-Standard Online:
"the Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka. Roy Sheppard's private collection of corkscrews comprises more than 300 of the objects and almost every one is different.
Sheppard, of McKinleyville, has been collecting corkscrews for about 47 years, “as long as I've been married,” he said. Most of them were obtained locally, with some found during his travels to nearby areas. The oldest corkscrew in his collection is made of brass and dates to 1840."

Baseball mitts + other offbeat collectors in Ohio | The Columbus Dispatch (via vintagebaseballgloveforum

Quirky keepers: Ohio collectors reveal the roots of offbeat passions | The Columbus Dispatch:
"Collecting, said Dr. Kevin D. Arnold, provides people a way to add meaning to their lives.

'It's well beyond collecting something to have because you like it,' said the director of the Center for Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy of Greater Columbus.

Some people become collectors for social interaction: 'They develop an affinity for other collectors,' Arnold said. 'The collection becomes a mechanism for belonging to a social group.'

Among the most popular collectibles are coins, comic books and Coca-Cola memorabilia, with multiple websites and social groups dedicated to these passions."

Roadside attractions: Clown Museum + 20,000 arrowheads | Colorado Springs Independent

Roadside distractions | Summer Guide | Colorado Springs Independent:
Of course: The clown's head in "Three Ring Respite," the artwork in the center of this photo, is made out of a hairball removed from a cow's stomach. - Matthew Schniper
Granpa Jerry's Clown Museum. There is one. It's a coulrophobe's worst nightmare — and for the rest of us, one of those magically odd places you have to see and feel for yourself. [Travel] 100 miles east of Colorado Springs to Arriba and Genoa for a summer daytrip.

The same can be said of Jerry Chubbuck's Genoa Tower & Museum (or World's Wonder View Tower) just 13 miles down the road, where more than 20,000 arrowheads and other Native American artifacts are tightly displayed alongside other rare archeological finds; tens of thousands of antique bottles and homesteader tools; peculiar artworks; and top-drawer curios like the 'world famous two-headed calf.'"

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Infamous Gaming Exploits - Gaming News - Digital Spy

Feature: Infamous Gaming Exploits - Gaming News - Digital Spy
Love them or hate them, exploits have been a big part of gaming since the medium's conception. ... We look through some of the most infamous user-driven exploits, from duplicating items to sneaky shortcuts, and the effects they had on the games and their users.

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1st Rogues Gallery: Oldest Mug Shots Started In St. Louis + more mugs -

The Oldest Mug Shots Started In St. Louis' Rouge's Gallery - KPLR:
"Rogues Gallery but it was also kind of a whodunit gallery--- a way of looking at dozens of portraits of people who had been involved in crimes and trying to fit those portraits and those crimes and those images with somebody who might be suspected of doing another crime.' said Dr. Robert Archibald of the Missouri History Museum."

Nextwave: Comics You Should Own | Reviews @ Comic Book Resources

Comics You Should Own – Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources:

"And then there’s Nextwave, which is one of the more insane comics to come out in the past twenty years. That it came out from Marvel is amazing"

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