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Collector Chris' house of wonder - Divers collections (Swindon Advertiser)

Collector Chris' house of wonder (From Swindon Advertiser):
Chris with his collection of Guinness memorabilia

LOOKING at Chris Lowe’s perfectly ordinary home, you’d never guess there was a Dalek inside.
Or a deckchair from the Titanic, for that matter. Or a saddle and a couple of shoes once worn by Seabiscuit, the thoroughbred Depression-era racehorse who is as iconic in America as Red Rum is here. Or a fabulously rare 1946 Wurlitzer jukebox packed with a stack of 78rpm records from the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll, plus some highly collectable Beatles 78s of a type pressed only in India way back when.
Or perhaps the most impressive collection of Guinness memorabilia in private hands – although he plans to auction these items in Devizes next month. Or hundreds of other items, ranging from novelty teapots to 1950s Disney toys still in their original packaging. 
Chris, 61, comes across as a modern day equivalent of those Georgian collectors of whatever took their fancy; the people whose cabinets of curiosities formed the nuclei of some of our greatest museums.

"“I bought the first one from a tea shop in Stratford-upon-Avon. It’s a man in a dentist’s chair, a design by Roy Simpson. It just appealed to me, it’s so very clever.

“I had no inkling it was the start of a collection.

“I like things that are visually good fun, things that make people laugh and say, ‘wow. That’s great.’”"

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Collecting biology: New virus named after Perdue U. student collector | via digitaljournal

American student discovers new virus in ancient cave mud:
"Purdue University biological engineering student Emilia Czyszczon discoved a previously unidentified virus with medical treatment potential while going over 100 miles out of her way to complete a routine class assignment."

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Inuit art collector: mythical soap stone, quartz, bone and ivory tusk carvings | GuelphMercury

Inuit basket made by Kinguktuk (1871-1941) of ...Image via Wikipedia
GuelphMercury - Inuit art collector gives 200 works to Guelph:

"Soon after opening her Up the Wall shop in Toronto in 1969, selling handmade items to St. Lawrence Market patrons, Borins realized that Inuit art was under-represented in the cultural life of the metropolis. She made her first trips to the north and became obsessed with the people and their creations, buying only what she felt were very good pieces.

“Each piece has its own story,” she said, referring to the extraordinary array of objects she — along with her children, Sandy, Michael and Irene — recently donated to the gallery. Some 200 objects, from the petite to the hefty, are now on permanent display, everything from tiny ivory spoons and carved bird’s teeth, to mythological animal sculptures and human figures symbolizing local legends and customs. Borins estimates the gift is valued at roughly $250,000 in today’s market."
Beverley Ludwig Borins (centre), a Leading Inuit Art collector and dealer, has donated a major collection of Inuit art objects to the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre. Gallery director-curator Judith Nasby (left) and Inuit art consultant Heather Beecroft were on hand to talk about the impressive donation Tuesday at the gallery.

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600 special edition Barbie dolls in Pompano Beach collection - Florida Trend

Lifestyle: Barbie Fan - from Florida Trend, Florida's Source For Business News:
Barbie Room
"'Most of my collection consists of Barbie dolls made specifically for the adult collector,' Lichi says. 'They eventually go out of production and become more valuable. Some dolls were made specifically for certain stores, such as White Chocolate Obsession, which was released for Toys R Us Exclusives in 2005. This was part of the Flavor Obsession that also included Citrus Obsession and Peppermint Obsession.'

Perla Lichi
[Photo: Barry Grossman] No ordinary girls: 'I love Ferrari Barbie and Givenchy. The Hollywood Stars series is another favorite, including Hollywood Premier and Cast Party, and any of The Jewel Collection: Countess of Rubies, Empress of Emeralds, Queen of Sapphires and Duchess of Diamonds are fabulous."

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Diaries of famous explorers like modern stock offering prospectuses | Vancouver Sun

Age of Exploration-mapImage via Wikipedia
Canaccord: A glimpse inside Peter Brown's world - Your Money:

"the diaries of famous explorers were like stock offering prospectuses" [See: Age of Exploration]

"These guys would go on these journeys, they’d go back to England or wherever they came from, and they’d produce these leather-bound diaries, often travelling with an artist, full of etchings. That would kind of be their prospectus, to raise money for the next trip."

Modern day equivalent: Kickstarter

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