Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Record collecting: 3 'Crate Diggers' - a glimpse of their vinyl libraries - Ferndale, MI Patch

Local 'Crate Diggers' Offer a Glimpse of Their Vinyl Libraries - Ferndale, MI Patch:
"Meet three record collectors, or 'crate diggers' as they are lovingly called, who are drawn to vinyl records in such a serious way that we may have to call someone."

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Display collectibles: 5 Quick Tips from Geraldine James | Anzine - Home And Garden Decorating

5 Quick Collecting Tips from Geraldine James | Anzine - Home And Garden Decorating:

"what makes the difference between a tasteful and well-curated collection and a room or house that looks like it’s straight from an episode of Hoarders? That’s where Geraldine James’ book, Creative Walls: How to Display and Enjoy Your Treasured Collection"

Lincoln Memorabilia creates Mosaic #Jigsaw Puzzle + stories | Eastern Iowa Life

Eastern Iowa Life – Lincoln Memorabilia Collector Ads Mosaic Puzzle to the Mix:

"1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle with 1,000 ties to Lincoln’s life. When completed, the mosaic of 1,000 pictures became the face of our 16th President."

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How not to approach an Auction house + News — Maine Living — Bangor Daily News

Don’t bug auction houses for free help — Maine Living — Bangor Daily News:
A treasure of 19th C. India, the textile known as the Pearl Canopy of Baroda sold for $2.3 million. recently at Sotheby’s New York.
Textile known as the Pearl Canopy of Baroda sold for $2.3 million recently at Sotheby’s New York houses are about selling. They’re not into supplying free appraisals or educating owners about their stuff. If interested in property offered for sale, staff can consult on possible sale results. That’s provided they believe that taking the merchandise will benefit their bottom line. Their value information comes from past sale results and databanks that are, in many cases, available to the public for a fee.

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Animation: Worldwide debut of The @Pixar Collection | Sacramento Press #Zazzle

Sacramento Press / Worldwide debut of Disney Fine Art’s Pixar Collection:
"Stage Nine’s “The Vault” and the California State Railroad Museum are hosting the worldwide debut of The Pixar Collection at the museum Sunday. The collection will include artwork inspired by the first 11 films created by Pixar Animation Studios."

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$50,000 Gretzky puck: Hall of Fame casts doubt | Vancouver Sun

Howe now? Hall of Fame casts doubt on $50,000 Gretzky puck:
A plaque designed as a clock and displayed at the Hockey Hall of Fame showing 14 pucks -- including the one the Hall says is Gretzky's 1,851st-point puck, at 12 o'clock.
"The bizarre battle over the true identity of the 22-year-old puck from one of hockey’s most important milestones comes at a time when a similar controversy surrounds the whereabouts of the puck fired home by Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane last year to give his team an overtime victory in Game 6 of the NHL finals, and its first Stanley Cup since 1961.

A Chicago restaurateur has offered (coincidentally) a $50,000 reward, and an NHL linesman was briefly pulled from playoff duty in April, after an ESPN investigation explored the still-unsolved mystery of what happened to Kane’s Cup-winning puck."

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