Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beatles’ only appearance in Minnesota photos August 1965 | Minnesota History Center

The Beatles: A One-Night Stand in the Heartland | Minnesota History Center:

The Beatles: John Lennon   The Beatles: Paul

The Beatles press conference at Metropolitan Stadium.

The Beatles press conference at Metropolitan Stadium.

"In August, 1965, a 17-year-old local photographer documented the Beatles’ only appearance in Minnesota. Bill Carlson’s images are the focus of this new exhibit"

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Preserving and Protecting Photographs | The American Museum of Photography

Man Ray surrealImage by anacarolinapan via Flickr
Preserving and Protecting Photographs:

"Whether you're the caretaker of a treasured family album or a collector who has searched out the classics of photography, it's important to preserve and protect the images you value. Fortunately, there is new information about what to do and what to avoid."

Care and Handling of Fine Art Photography: "Information on how to properly care for photographs, photographic prints and the care of photography collections. Since photographs can be easily damaged, taking precautionary measures is the best defense in protecting their values."

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Security: 13 posters - Circa 1970s The Marquardt Corporation | Swann Auction Galleries

Swann Auction Galleries : Full Details for Lot 185:
"A choice group of progressively designed, in-house images for the Marquardt company in the 1970s. Marquardt produced jet and rocket engines from the late 1940s through the 1980s, serving mostly the military community and NASA. Artists include Steve Orfanos, Van Der Beken and L. Rink.
Estimate $2,000-3,000"

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Bauhaus masterpiece of typography and layout @SwannGalleries

Swann Auction Galleries : Full Details for Lot 15:

Sold today at Swann Gallery for $1,440

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Sports collectibles - beyond the championship ring | ESPN

Uni Watch looks at championship bling that wasn't just rings - ESPN:
Lou Gehrig
"Fortunately, there are other kinds of sports bling out there.

Those photos are from the collection of Bruce Menard, a 41-year-old from Connecticut who got bitten by the bling bug when he attended baseball card shows as a kid."

But the thing about a true collector is that he keeps collecting even when the collection is complete. In Menard's case, that meant delving into the sub-world of sports-related cuff links, charm bracelets, cigarette lighters, you name it. Soon he'd amassed more than 1,000 images of such trinkets.
Of course, some of those trinkets are better than others. Asked to choose some favorite examples of non-ring bling, Menard came up with the following list [of ten items]:

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@BadPostcards - My Ten Favorite Weird, Campy and Nostalgic Postcards (via Urlesque)

Bad Postcards - My Ten Favorite Weird, Campy and Nostalgic Postcards - Urlesque read the backstories for each card

Ralph, the Swimming Pig

a postcard of a swimming pig named Ralph who lived at Aquarina Springs in San Marcos, Texas

Read More:

John Lennon's Letters: Sincerely, John - 'Pen and ink were his medium,' | via Newser

John Lennon's Letters to Be Published - 'Pen and ink were his medium,' says publisher:

"'Pen and ink were his medium,' said a spokesman for publisher Little, Brown. 'John wrote letters and postcards all of his life to his friends, family, strangers, newspapers, organizations, lawyers and the laundry—most of which were funny, informative, campaigning, wise, mad, poetic, anguished and sometimes heartbreaking.' The letters will be printed in chronological order 'so that a narrative builds up,' and many will be reproduced exactly in Lennon's handwriting or typing, along with 'the odd cartoon or doodle,' said the publisher."

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A Complete Guide to Seinfeld's Sneakers #48 Nike Air Meadow Supreme | Complex

A Complete Guide to Seinfeld's Sneakers | Complex

#47. Nike Air Meadow Supreme White/Midnight Navy
#47. Nike Air Meadow Supreme White/Midnight Navy

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Oldest known Nikon Auction | Ubergizmo

Oldest known Nikon goes under the hammer | Ubergizmo:
"May 28th [...] is where the WestLicht Photographica Auction will feature the Nikon I (No. 60924) that you see above, all the way from 1948. It seems that the auction will start from 140,000 to 160,000 Euros (that’s $228,800 in our currency), and being the third camera ever made by Nikon, it obviously holds a whole lot of history for camera buffs."

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Mr. Peanut News + $16,000 Mr. Peanuts sign one-of-a-kind Advertising collectibles |

Planters Peanuts - Collecting Planters Mr. Peanuts - Planters Porcelain Mr. Peanut Sign:
Planters Porcelain Mr. Peanut Sign
"Porcelain Mr. Peanut Sign is the only known example of this sign. Sign was originally on a Planter's Store in Memphis, Tennessee.
Circa: 1930s - 1940s
Size: 6 1/2' x 2 1/2'
Condition: Excellent, minor chips, no rust
Auction Date: March 2009
Pre-Auction Estimate: $15,000. - $25,000.
Sold Price: $16,380 (includes Buyers Premium)"

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Planters Nutmobile

Collecting Outsider Art and Folk Art - Art Collecting Resource

Collecting Outsider Art and Folk Art - Art Collecting Resource:
"Below is a list of galleries and dealers that specialize in Outsider art. They carry a variety of artworks for sale and they're operated by experts in the field. You'll find additional resources to guide in your art education, they include recommended books on Outsider and Folk art, museums, and other Folk art related resources"

outsider art chair karl junkerImage via Wikipedia

Collecting Animation Art - Animation Collecting Resource

An animation camera. Photo 1999 by J-E Nyström...Image via Wikipedia
Collecting Animation Art - Animation Collecting Resource:

"Online resource about collecting animation art. [...] from traditional animation to contemporary animation. When collecting you can go for original animation cells or contemporary reproduction cells[?], you could also collect original drawing or sketches from animation artists."

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Collecting televisions: Oldest TV Auction Est. £5000 | Engadget

Britain's oldest working television goes up for auction -- Engadget:
"The Marconiphone 702 television pictured above, which is believed to be the oldest working television in Britain, and possibly the world. It was tracked down by a collector a few years ago, and is now set to go up for auction on April 19th at Bonhams in London, where it has an estimated sale price of £5,000 but is expected to sell for 'much more.'"

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Las Vegas Statue of Liberty ! Stamp Actually Shows The Las Vegas Version #WTF

Statue of Liberty Stamp Actually Shows The Las Vegas Version:

"Instead, they accidentally used the 14-year-old statue that presides over thousands of weary gamblers a week.

The post office, which had thought the Lady Liberty “forever” stamp featured the real thing, found out otherwise when a clever stamp collector who is also what one might call a superfan of the Statue of Liberty got suspicious and contacted Linn’s Stamp News, the essential read among philatelists."
Fake Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas. As US law...Image via Wikipedia

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Happy Rabbit: Origin of Bugs Bunny - Looney City Citizens

Happy Rabbit - Looney City Citizens:
"Happy Rabbit made his screen debut in the 1938 Looney Tunes cartoon Porky's Hare Hunt, directed by Ben Hardaway. Similar in tone and execution to the previous year's Porky's Duck Hunt, which introduced Daffy Duck, Porky's Hare Hunt involves Porky hunting a white rabbit whose wild antics drive him mad. Mel Blanc would later use his 'Happy Rabbit' voice characterization as the voice of Walter Lantz's Woody Woodpecker."

Photo of actor Mel Blanc
Actor Mel Blanc Image via Wikipedia
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