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Trading Pin Display Options - Ways to Show off Your Collection | The Monterey Company Blog (via @TheMontereyCo)

Trading Pin Display Options – Ways to Show off Your Collection | The Monterey Company Blog:

109th Congress Lapel Pin
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"There are thousands of history buffs that are taking it upon themselves to search out and acquire the millions of lapel pins that have contributed to political campaigns, big and small.

As you can imagine, most trading pin collectors trade and purchase new pins for themselves at conventions. These events are massive in scope so being able to transport a collection in a manner that also makes them easy to display is critical. The following is a list of possible display options that might work for the avid pin trading aficionado."


These are truly the best way to go to conventions and gatherings.  Usually made out of heavy duty nylon, these bags are typical album book shapes, with side zippers.  Open them up and what you have are ‘pages’ of nylon that allow for easy pinning of the lapel pin onto the page.  They are "look book"s and make it easy to show a collection to interested observers.

Classic Auto collecting + news : 1957 Chevy - Pete & Jan Hold + Rim Country Classic Auto Club

The Payson (Arizona) Roundup / Pete & Jan Hold:
1957 green and white Chevy

"[Pete & Jan] Hold have been collecting cars for about 11 years. The first one they bought was a 1934 Ford sedan, which they still have.

Over the years they have bought about 20 collector cars and sold a few of them."

The Holds have been members of the Rim Country Classic Auto Club since 1995.

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25 years of antique tool collecting | Castle Rock

Castle Rock man celebrates nearly 25 years of antique tool collecting:

"Miller has been collecting antique tools for nearly 25 years, specializing in ornate levels and planes from the 1800s. He has a room full of his treasures at home, belongs to national and regional tool collectors groups and recently began displaying several at the Castle Rock Exhibit Hall.
'I just like knowing how things work,' the retired Longview Fibre Co. millwright said of his hobby. 'And then, some of these are pretty rare.'"

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Iron veterans: Collecting WWII vehicles to restore & preserve memories -

WWII buffs restore old vehicles, preserve memories -
"'The vehicles we restore are our nation's 'iron veterans,'' explained Jeffrey 'Al' Goines, a Bakersfield private investigator and a member of the Olive Drab Drivers.

'Everyone seems to have their own personal reason for getting involved in this. But restoring these vehicles maintains the connection with the heroes who drove them during World War II, Korea and Vietnam, and those who are grateful for their sacrifices today,' said Goines, whose father and stepfather were his military heroes."

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