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Collecting buildings: -

Rural Hastings man collects history, one building at a time -

"Steve Bauer collects old buildings — he calls it his addiction.

It's a craving that started innocently enough with an 1855 log cabin. It later led him to take apart a Hastings church brick by brick and reassemble it on his farm.

The past two decades, Bauer has amassed a village of more than 50 restored buildings — a general store, blacksmith shop, saloon, one-room schoolhouses, a post office and even a jail — on a portion of his 160 acres about six miles south of Hastings."

Sotheby’s to Auction Collection of Contemporary German Art -
Gerhard Richter's “1024 Farben” (1974) is among 59 German works to be auctioned.
"And so Sotheby’s will sell 59 works from his collection on June 29 and June 30 in London. Many of them have not been on the market for more than 30 years. Together they are expected to bring about $55 million.

Among the highlights is “Dschungel,” or “Jungle,” a 1967 painting by Polke that is a prime example of his use of pointillism. Depicting a sunset through leaves in a jungle, ... Also for sale are Mr. Baselitz’s “Spekulatius,” a 1965 canvas from his “Hero” series, and one of Richter’s seminal color chart paintings, this one from 1974.

Highlights of the sale will be on view at Sotheby’s in New York from May 6 through May 9."

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Found objects: Steve’s Strange House in Seattle Steve Bard’s Weird House | Unusual Life

Steve Bard’s Weird House | Unusual Life

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Booksellers catalogues: CD-ROM record early history of tarot cards and other important Bookcollecting resources | ILAB-LILA

Living With - And From - Books, Part 3 - Articles about rare books, antiquarian books, manuscripts, autographs, first editions, illustrated books,... - ILAB-LILA:
DVD Fortune, an interactive and playful “catalogue” that was presenting an extraordinary collection of different manuscripts and printed editions of divination works – from Fanti to Spirito to Marcolini – consulted using cards and dices. Thanks to the digital support, this kind of books was no longer used only as an example of magnificent illustrated editions, but it really could be once again be really “played” as the publishers had intended. Starting from the questions asked in the wheel of fortune, reproducing the exact divinatory path presented in the original work, we could get to the point where an answer could be offered for the different questions, such as happiness in life, love, our own spouse’s faithfulness, leaving for a trip...

"“This catalogue, unusual in a certain way, produced after some eighty years of activity of our Bookshop, that by tradition has been addressed more towards antique books, but which has always been very interested in the new cultural and market trends"

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Largest Collection of Black Markers (via artstyleonline)

Black is Beautiful: the Largest Collection of Black Markers:

Black is Beautiful: the Largest Collection of Black Markers

"Allister Lee would like to have the most extensive collection of black markers in the world. Allister was inspired by an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest collection of cigarette rolling [papers].

Allister calls his documentation of this collection the Black Marker B.I.B.L.E. He claims that nowadays the collection contained 523 unique black markers, and it is grows."

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (via Boing Boing) Car for $1 million Auction - book by James Bond author Ian Fleming | eBay

Other Makes : Ford | eBay:

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (via Boing Boing)


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Original 1930s vintage poster KINAGIN @uniqueposter - Fine Art Auctions

KINAGIN - Listing # 716 - Fine Art Auctions

This looks like a great auction website alternative to eBay, just for posters and collectibles. Have you been a buyer or seller at Fine Art Auctions? Please let us know how you did with your auction.

New Toys: Da Vinci-Inspired Dolls @toyfair2011: Mattel creates Art History inspired Barbies #Squidoo

Da Vinci-Inspired Dolls - Mattel Releases Fine Art Barbies Based on Art History (GALLERY):
fine art dolls
"At this year’s toy fair, Mattel introduced three new Fine Art Barbies that are unlike any seen before! Each one pays tribute to three of history’s most famous artists: Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Art Nouveau painter Gustav Klimt."

Fine Art Dolls [[The following is one of the least troubling Barbie doll modifications set into detailed dioramas in the GALLERY (others rated PG-17 "under17notadmittedwithoutparent"]]
Andrea Cucchi 9

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