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Collecting #Hats Off to the Maplewood Memorial Library: Sunday, May 1 - Maplewood, NJ

Hats Off to the Library Coming Sunday, May 1 - Maplewood, NJ Patch:

"'Hats Off to the Library' is a first-time event to benefit Maplewood Memorial Library, but it's an event that makes sense.

The idea belongs to former Library Board member Marcia Leonard who'd been collecting hats at area estate sales and church rummage sales. 'I started seeing all these wonderful hats and they reminded me of the little ladies who looked like Mamie Eisenhower.'"

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Unusual Litter Contest: Spring 2011 Litter Sweep Roadside Cleanup April 16-30

Richmond County Daily Journal - May the cleanest road win: (North Carolina)

"This is your opportunity to demonstrate your support by organizing a cleanup between April 16 - 30 by taking part in the Spring 2011 Litter Sweep Roadside Cleanup.
Litter Sweep is a NCDOT biannual statewide roadside litter cleanup event.

You also have a chance to win monetary prizes in the Unusual Litter Contest.

Last fall, the first prize winner of the Unusual Litter Contest found a jewelry box with a diamond ring inside."

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Incunables and illuminated manuscripts & #Greek pottery: exhibit at Bryn Mawr College - Rare books #Squidoo

A wide range of holdings to mark its 125th anniversary. -

"'Worlds to Discover: 125 Years of Collections at Bryn Mawr College.' Its aesthetic brilliance, along with the complexity of its message, fills us with wonder.

Among the readily identifiable works that establish the art collection as major are pieces from the ancient world - the Attic (greek) black-figure storage jar and the Attic red-figure plate that have been studied by generations of students; medieval illuminated manuscripts (Wikipedia) of unusual distinction; and one of the largest collections of books printed before the year 1500. Plus a trove of old-master prints (Wikipedia) studied in art-history classes, notably the etching Rembrandt Drawing at a Window (1648), and anthropology collections of the Americas with beautiful utilitarian artifacts from the Arctic, the U.S. Southeast, and the Northwest Coast.

Red-figure Greek serving plate for fish 4th ce...Image by mharrsch via Flickr

Red-figured Greek Red-Figure Kantharos (Drinki...Image by mharrsch via Flickr

Venice Biennale 2011 National Pavilions: ARTINFO's Comprehensive Guide + more articles

ARTINFO: Venice Biennale 2011 National Pavilions: ARTINFO's Comprehensive Guide:
"The Puerto Rico-based multimedia duo Allora & Calzadilla has been announced as the United States' representatives to the 2011 Venice Biennale, marking the first time that an artist pair or collective has been picked by the nation to fill the prestigious role. The selection was made by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which the U.S. State Department has entrusted to organize next year's pavilion."

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The great American sell-off: Baby Boomers divest themselves of early hoarding - MarketWatch

You've Got It. Now, Can You Sell It? - MarketWatch:

"Call it the great American sell-off. For years now Americans have been gathering and collecting at an amazing pace, filling homes that over the past half-century have more than doubled in size, to an average of nearly 2,500 square feet. And even that hasn't been enough to contain our nation's overflow of stuff. These days nearly one in 10 U.S. households maintains at least one self-storage unit, 65 percent more than did so in 1995. Filling these spaces, of course, comes naturally to baby boomers. Born into the giddy postwar climate of conspicuous consumption and weaned on decades of easy credit, they're a generation accustomed to regularly leaving offerings at the altar of retail."

Upcycling articles: Re-imagining and re-inventing the waste stream to make good | How Rags Are Really Riches:
"Reuse waste like tetrapak containers and coffee cups to make stationery items, pen stands and CD cases. Their design innovations include beautiful lampshades created from bottle caps and futuristic furniture from tyres. Their range of fashion and decor accessories, priced between Rs 80 and Rs 2,300, can be bought from hi-end boutiques such as Mother Earth, Bombay Store, People Tree and Amethyst."

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Lunchtime: Crazy Batman squirt gun + more #Toys items (via No Smoking in the Skull Cave)

No Smoking in the Skull Cave: toys: A blog Dedicated to Pop Culture, Movies and More
"I was playing with some of my toys today and decided to take some photos! Warning the toys are dusty...I'm not a good duster..."

California’s Scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 to Reopen Today: April 21, 2011 Carmel to San Luis Obispo

California’s Scenic Highway 1 to Reopen April 21, 2011 – American Banking News:

"90 miles of iconic outback from Carmel to San Luis Obispo. Just in time for tourism season, Scenic Highway 1 is scheduled to officially reopened April 21, 2011 following a March 16, 2011 slide and road closure south of Carmel. Top stops from Point Sur Lighthouse Station to Nepenthe restaurant, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and Henry Miller Memorial Library are open for business as well as the region’s 12 lodging options. (read more...)"

For adventurers, Big Sur packs in hundreds of miles of hiking terrain, resident wild animals and all things oceanic. Its seamless blend of rustic yet revered lands have made “El Sur Grande” home to a long list of artists, poets and craftspeople since the area was first settled in the 1870s. For nature and auto enthusiasts, the trek through Big Sur is a rite of passage. Strike out southbound from Carmel and let the seduction begin.
Attractions: Point Lobos State Reserve, Bixby Creek Bridge, Point Sur Lighthouse Station, Pfeiffer Beach, Nepenthe Restaurant, Henry Miller Memorial Library, McWay Falls, Esalen Institute, Limekiln State Park, Jade Cove, and Whale Watching.
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McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State ParkImage via Wikipedia
McWay Cove and falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns S...Image via Wikipedia

Book Collecting News: US District Court hinders Google + More Google News stories

US District Court hinders Google’s ogle on digital library | Law et al. (India) :

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

"The project is plagued with three major concerns:

1. Google taking the copyrighted work of other people without permission;
2. Google's dominance in the e-book area, resulting into anti-trust scenario; and
3. Intrusions into the privacy of people."

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Google's homepage in 1998

Collecting old and rare newspapers that dished the dirt… | History's Newsstand Blog

The early muckrakers – collecting newspapers that dished the dirt… | History's Newsstand Blog:

"People collecting old and rare newspapers will give you many different reasons for their
hobbies. For some it’s about owning a little piece of history, for others it’s a way of connecting
to important date in their life – say a birthday or marriage – to something real. For some it’s
just that wonderful sense of smell and touch you get from handling something that was meant
to be thrown away – fragile, disposable, but now wonderfully evocative."

Front page of The New York Times on Armistice ...Image via Wikipedia

Collecting trolleybus tickets at new museum in the Ukraine - An unusual hobby /ДЕНЬ

An unusual hobby /ДЕНЬ/ The Day Weekly Digest

"A “Museum of trolleybus tickets” was opened in Kyiv (Prorizna street, 21). This is no joke. Its initiators wanted to create something that didn’t exist anywhere else in the world, and it seems they succeeded. So far the collection comprises around a hundred trolleybus (trolleybus only!) tickets from different countries (Portugal, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia, Poland, etc.), but their work is far from over."

Ticket Collection 2 (has notes)

Rare books collection « Florida State FSU Special Collections + Harriet Beecher Stowe

Women for FSU event « FSU Special Collections and Archives:
Anulus Nuptialis
Anulus Nuptialis,
an early illuminated manuscript
by Venetian nuns, circa 1450
"... wide variety of rare books and manuscripts available for research in Special Collections. Several examples from the collection were on display, including a signed copy of The Chimney Corner by Harriet Beecher Stowe, books on women’s rights, women in Southern literature, women’s efforts during World War I and World War II, and women’s education.

The display included a 15th century handwritten and illuminated manuscript created by nuns in Venice, Italy. Additional manuscripts included letters from Helen Keller and Harriet Beecher Stowe; scrapbooks of Betty Wood McNabb, a 1930 Florida State College for Women (FSCW) alumna and pilot; and a lengthy handwritten oration on poetry delivered by Lucile Gregory at FSCW in 1911."

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