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Record Store Day News ! Vinyl Record collecting stories |

Older and Younger Generations Herald the Look and Sound of Records |
"Vinyl music, once the standard in the music world, has been making a slow comeback for several years now, a trend that doesn't surprise those who have appreciated it for years."

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Decoy Collectors National Convention in Saint Charles, Illinois from April 25th - 30th

New Midwest Decoy Collectors Association to host 46th Annual National Convention:
Midwest Decoy Collectors Association to host 46th Annual National Convention
"The Midwest Decoy Collectors Association (MDCA - annual convention will be held at the Pheasant Run Resort in Saint Charles, Illinois from April 25th - 30th, 2011. Members and exhibitors will be in attendance from across the U.S. as well as Canada. There will be a global attendance at this event with collector's traveling from as far away as Europe and Japan."

The growing popularity of decoy collecting in recent years was typified at the MDCA event in 2010 when several rare examples sold at auction for record prices.

For 46 years, the MDCA's annual convention has continued to host a wonderful selection of special events, educational seminars and social activities for decoy collectors.

From Monday April 25th through Saturday April 30th the ever popular room trading and displays will be open to attendees. There will also be over 400 tables with over 20,000 items on display at the Pheasant Run Resort Megacenter.

The Guyette and Schmidt auction will take place Thursday at 11am and Friday at 10am.

Legend of Zelda #1 Classic Nintendo 64 Games -

26 Classic Nintendo 64 Games That Still Rock Today | AMOG
=N64 550x384  26 Classic Nintendo 64 Games That Still Rock Today
While the type of emulation available from sites such as Emuparadise is a legal grey area, you can either acquire the N64 console and games from auction sites or, if you own a Nintendo Wii, download many of the games through the Virtual Console service. Join us as we take a look back on some N64 titles that still have a ton of gameplay left in them:

1. Legend of ZeldaThe Ocarina of Time

2. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

3. Pilot Wings 64

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#Tea time: Vintage Red Wing Pottery tea set > "the Cadillac of Pottery" + more pottery stories

Vintage Red Wing Pottery tea set is a keeper |

"EARLY ROOTS: After the discovery in 1861 of huge, prehistoric clay pit beds near the town of Red Wing, Minn., the area quickly became a center for clay and stoneware manufacturing.
The Red Wing Stoneware Co., formed in 1877, was just one of several local businesses to use the clay..."

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Time is Right to collect Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars + related stories

Time is Right for Morgan and Peace Dollars:
"Starting with the 1879-S, a very common date with more than 9 million minted, one finds that in MS-65 this date costs only about $150. Yes, this is a price that is higher than that of some MS-60 specimen, but consider a few factors beyond the mintage and the price of silver and you’ll realize this coin is a steal."

The next place to direct our gaze is to the duet of the 1880-S and the 1881-S.

Taking the 1880-S and 1881-S a step further, it is worth looking at what are called “deep mirror proof-like” coins, again in the MS-65. Abbreviated DMPL, and often pronounced “dimple,” these are coins that are the best of the best without being actual proof coins.

Bottle collector stories in Cranberry Lake, NJ + Daft Punk bottle + collecting stories

Bottle collector [told] stories of hobby April 6 in Cranberry Lake | NorthCountryNow:

A colorful bottleImage via Wikipedia

CRANBERRY LAKE -- Folklorist Jill Breit, executive director of TAUNY, host[ed] a storytelling session with one of the North Country's most successful bottle collectors, Gordon Taylor of Cranberry Lake, on Wednesday, April 6, at 6 p.m., at Windfall Bar & Grill, Tooley Pond Road.

Taylor began collecting bottles over 60 years ago with his wife Nina. Over the years, the collection grew to include more than 200 bottles, many of which are on display in the dining room at the Windfall Bar & Grill.

On April 6, Taylor explain[ed] how he got interested in bottle collecting, describe how he acquired some of the bottles in the collection, and share the local history associated with favorite bottles in his collection.

Collector of Vintage Film Costumes (via Worn through) + more costume fashion stories

Worn Through » Interview: Nick Inglis, Collector of Vintage Film Costume:
"Nick Inglis: I have been collecting original screen worn costumes and props for the past fifteen years and it has turned into quite a passion. For me, it began with one or two costume pieces and over the years has turned into the collection it is today. I came across an old auction catalogue selling film costumes one day and literally stated, “I didn’t know that you could own things that appeared in films.” I have been hooked ever since."

A suit of Elizabeth Taylor’s from the 1951 film “Father’s Little Dividend”, sequel to “Father of the Bride” (1950).

Jack Hawkins in the 1959 version of “Ben-Hur”, and a helmet from the film.

6 of the Best #Barbie Collecting Websites on the internet + more Barbie stories

Best Barbie Collecting Websites | Very Best Websites:

"Many today enjoy collecting Barbie dolls. Barbie has been popular right from the start. Collectors look for special holiday and themed dolls to add to their collections. Many also like to collect vintage Barbie dolls of earlier times. Collecting Barbie dolls is fun and for many it is a dedicated hobby.

Here are some of the best Barbie collecting websites you’ll find on the ‘net."

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