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#Bone Collector - Bonners Ferry Indiana #Collecting

The Bone Collector - Bonners Ferry Herald : Local:

"When most 10-year-olds were collecting baseball cards, toy trucks and action figures, Nate Hart, 35, collected bones.

“The more I spend time doing this, the more I learn,” said Hart. “Bones are my love that I pursue on my own.”

With hundreds of skulls and numerous skeletons in his arsenal, Hart had to narrow down what he brought to the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge education barn when he presented a program for the Friends of the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge last week."

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Collecting "Stranger’s Guides" >> Book Collectors News & comic book murder

AE Monthly - the Magazine for Book Collectors & Booksellers
Ten years ago, David Gerstel of Montreal, Canada, a long time collector of travels and voyages, searching for a less costly collecting opportunity began to collect AmericanStranger’s Guides, books published mainly in the 19th century to help itinerants understand cities they would visit. These are intensely local directories, often with maps, always with advertisements, listing essential details for the newly arrived.

A dozen years later David is moving on, ... [s]elling what he has collected now becomes the challenge.

To do this he has enlisted the help of Bernie [Bernhard] Lauser of Voyager Press Rare Books & Manuscripts in Vancouver. Bernie is an interesting choice as he is one of the few dealers who represent sellers wanting to sell thematic collections as well as archives.

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Collecting dryer lint for artwork >> Unusual collection of art is worth the collecting

Believe it or not, unusual art is worth the collecting | |
"Heidi Hooper’s artwork, including this tiger, is made entirely of laundry lint. There is no color added and no paint. (Courtesy of Heidi Hooper)"

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Collecting Phish #Posters >> New York show gets a deluge - Need We Say More? > Features > Pollock and The Poster People: From The _Coventry Courier_:

"While special 'event posters' are nothing new to the Phish scene, the skyrocketing hype surrounding themboth at the show and in the later re-sale marketis a post-hiatus phenomenon. The situation has caused many tense scenes at the point of sale of posters before shows, and created a new fetish item among fans with a long history of obsessively cataloging the Phish experience. Accordingly, a whole new community has sprung up among the 'poster people', to stand as yet another subgenre within the world of Phish fans."

MLB #Baseball card #Collector: Don Mattingly + Roberto Clemente card & MORE 1984 Topps cards

MLB collector: Roberto Clemente card tops my baseball card collection - MLB - Yahoo! Sports:

"Don Mattingly is and will always be my favorite player of all time. I didn't start collecting cards until around 1988, so this card came out before then, but once I was old enough, one of the first cards I bought on its own was Mattingly's 1984 Topps rookie card. It is stored in a Snap-Tite case, and is valued at just over $10."
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#Cartoons: "Lisa's First Word" spoken by Liz Taylor - tribute last night + 20 Best Simpsons Guest Spots & Season 23

Film features: The 20 Best Simpsons Movie-Star Guest Spots |

Of course Homer is out of the room and no one hears "Lisa's First Words" which aired last night on Fox network in honor of Liz Taylor. Visit TotalFilm for some notes on the vice over, and see the episode

G.I. Joe convention - 300 Joes launched from Orlando rooftop #actionfigures

Pictures: G.I. Joe convention -
Hundreds of G.J. Joes are dropped from the roof of Disney's Dolphin hotel to celebrate the opening of JoeCon, a convention dedicated to the army action figures, on Friday, April 1, 2011. According to the press release, the convention will kick off when more than 300 3.75” G.I. JOE figures, with working parachutes, will be launched off of the roof of the Dolphin Hotel – a spectacle that has become a fan favorite at JoeCon.
"Hundreds of G.J. Joes are dropped from the roof of Disney's Dolphin hotel to celebrate the opening of JoeCon, a convention dedicated to the army action figures, on Friday, April 1, 2011."

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Tommy Gunn Action Figure
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Stamp Collecting with Stanley Gibbons - big profits from new website + Royal wedding sales &tc.

Stanley Gibbons eyeing £10m from its new site | Business:
Stamp collector
"Stamps seller Stanley Gibbons today said it expects to make more than £10 million a year from the online trading platform it is launching in the next few months.

Chief executive Mike Hall said: 'We're putting every single stamp that exists in the world on the site.

'The million people already regularly visiting our website will be able to either buy directly from us, or from other dealers, in which case we'll take a 5% commission."

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‘Mad Men’ Barbie Dolls in a man's world + more Barbie doll news

Advertising - ‘Mad Men’ Dolls in Barbie’s World, but Cocktails Stay Behind -
"The dolls are part of a premium-price collectors’ series for adults that Mattel calls the Barbie Fashion Model Collection. Although there have been Barbies and Kens based on other TV series, among them “I Love Lucy” and “The X-Files,” the dolls will be the first licensed line for that collection, Mattel says, with a suggested retail price of $74.95 each."

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