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Toy Story in Fairfax New Zealand + Kid Robot job

Toy Story |
Hana Pearce has scored the best
"... Paul Hargreaves, proprietor of Nelson's wonderful toy museum, Toy Toy. Hargreaves, a former creative director in London adland, got the collecting bug the day he visited the Bethnal Green Toy Museum. Beyond the Victoriana he found a section devoted to the collection of psychologist Edward Castle, who'd used toys during therapy to regress his patients. 'I turned the corner and saw what was pretty much my childhood. I left with the aim of getting all my toys back, and more.'"

Kids' Stuff: Toys and the Changing World of American Childhood, historian Gary Cross suggests that the world of toys, once a source of shared enjoyment between generations, has become a foreign land to the average parent.
"Shopping for toys has become saddening, irritating or bewildering for many adults."

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Nascar Collecting - Upper Moreland-Willow Grove, PA Patch

Getting up to speed with Nascar collecting - Upper Moreland-Willow Grove, PA Patch:

"While you can find your fair share of signed Richard Petty baseballs and those signed by many other Nascar drivers. However, they are not going to bring much cash in the market. Going for about $50 each, they aren’t connected to a specific race so they aren’t desirable. It is best to obtain a related object, so ignore the abundance of unrelated objects.

If you only have a little money to spend on your Nascar collection like $20 to $40, consider the 1990s Kellogg’s cereal boxes featuring Jeff Gordon and other drivers. If you are Barbie collector, you can pick up Mattel’s 50th anniversary Nascar Barbie doll in full racing uniform for about $300."

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13 Carousels in Connecticut + more #Carousel in the US & News

Carousel News and Trader Magazine:
"The first hand-carved carousels appeared in the United States in the middle of the 19th century. The carousel quickly gained popularity and thousands of carousels were created between 1880 and 1930. These beautiful creations became the centerpieces for the hundreds of amusement parks that sprung up in cities and resorts across the country. Unfortunately, depression crippled the country by the early 1930s and many carousel producers were forced to cease production. The “Golden Age of the Carousel” had come to an end.

There are now less than two hundred antique wooden carousels left operating in this country. They are an endangered species. If we do not support and protect these unique treasures, it is possible that this important piece of Americana could all be gone in our lifetime."

Prague’s Off-Limits Baroque Library > 360-Degree Panorama + related

360-Degree Panorama Takes You Inside Prague’s Off-Limits Baroque Library | Underwire |
Jeffrey Martin in Philosophical Hall"From inside the library, you can see why historians, scholars and travelers would flock here. A giant, four-volume set marked Musée Français, contained in a standalone, statue-topped wooden case, is believed to be one of only four extant copies. It’s a gift from Marie Louise, the second wife of Emperor Napoleon. (The French emperor is said to have had the rest of the print run destroyed because it contained evidence that certain Louvre treasures had been plundered from Italy.)

The room’s walnut paneling, gilt laurels and Escher-like inlaid marquetry make quite an impression. Beyond the rare tomes, guests who look carefully at the bookshelves might spot two hidden doors, masked with fake book spines, that lead to secret stairways — something you probably won’t catch in Martin’s panorama."

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collection of cricket memorabilia - The Times of India + more #Cricket #Collectibles

This Sachin fan has a rich collection of cricket memorabilia - The Times of India:

"Kumar, who runs a hardware store on the Mill road in the city, started collecting stamps when he was just eight. Now, his collection includes not just stamps but autographs of celebrities and cricket-related material, including a jumper given to him Indian star Harbhajan Singh. He held an exhibition of his collection in Delhi recently."

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Cricket bat from Mosman Library Display
Image by Mosman Library via Flickr

Rare keyboards on exhibit at Freeport, IL Art Museum >> musical instruments

Rare keyboards on exhibit at Freeport Art Museum - Freeport, IL - The Journal-Standard:
"Freeport, Ill. —
Once in awhile an exhibit comes along, so rare, it is worth opening it to special tours for schools. The latest exhibit at Freeport Art Museum is one of these rare finds. It is called “Sonata Coda: An exhibition of Keyboard.” It opens today.

Visitors will have a rare opportunity to view more than 20 original pianos and keyboard instruments from 1790 to present day, seeing and hearing how both the instruments and sound have changed over time. It is an opportunity to hear a Mozart concerto played on the same style of piano he composed it on.

All the instruments are part of a collection brought to Freeport by Steve Misener, from South Dakota."

Unusual collections & Collectors >> British Man Owns 240 Love Dolls

British Man Owns 240 Love Dolls - Q 103 - GO ROCK YOURSELF:
"I have heard of some odd addictions and even some odd collectibles, but this guy takes the cake for sure. ... Meet Bob Gibbons, a mechanic from the merry old land of England. Gibbons has a very unusual collecting hobby. ... he has about 240 "mannequins" (UK name).

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Royalty collection: Auction >> Sunday 4/3/2011 at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow

Nottingham man's royal collection to go under the hammer:
Richard Davie
"A NOTTINGHAM man's collection of royal letters, dating back to 1714, is expected to fetch more than £25,000.

The 115 items are being sold by the late collector's family.

The collection, including letters signed by George III, George VI and Edward VIII, is one of the largest of its kind ever seen in Notts the largest of any single collector in a 945-lot auction run by Hyson Green-based International Autograph Auctions Ltd (IAA)."

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