Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Erotic watches at Antiquorum, a Geneva-based auction house

Swiss auction tempts buyers with erotic watches | Reuters:
Etienne Lemenager, Director of Antiquorum holds a repeating musical watch with four actions and concealed erotic automaton ''Musique d'Amour'' made circa 1810 by Genevan watchmaker Henry Capt, during an auction preview in Geneva March 24, 2011. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse
"...[An] assortment of erotic watches coming under the hammer in Switzerland this weekend.

An important private collection of 33 watches from the 18th and 19th centuries featuring racy tableaux will be offered for sale on Sunday at Antiquorum, a Geneva-based auction house specialising in fine timepieces.

Among the sale's highlights is an uncommon early 19th Century 18-carat watch by Genevan craftsman Henry Capt expected to fetch $70,000 to $90,000 and featuring two automata -- one on the front of the watch depicting an idyll of doves and musicians and another hidden one showing a couple in an amorous embrace."

Vintage Clothes and memorabilia in Dubai boutique + Burj Khalifa

gulfnews : Young entrepreneurs roll out unique retail concept:
Hussain and Maha Abdul Rasheed show off their two-in-one concept store

"Dubai: Pair a budding entrepreneur with a passion for vintage clothes with someone having a good eye for the quirky, and chances are you have come across one of the more unique retail concepts to come out of Dubai in recent times.
And if they happen to be siblings, all the better. The Egyptian brother and sister combine, Maha and Hussain Abdul Rasheed, have tapped their interests to start a concept store on Jumeirah Beach Road.
And a split down the middle of the store mirrors their individual passions as well."

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Unusual Food Collection > Local man’s ‘taste’ for collecting > Huntington, Indiana Newspaper

Local man’s ‘taste’ for collection at end of spectrum | the Huntington County TAB - Huntington, Indiana Newspaper:
"Some people collect baseball cards; others amass coins, stamps or even Pez dispensers.

Bryan Ballinger's collection would be at the end of the spectrum, bordering somewhere between unusual and absurd.
Ballinger has been collecting unusual food items for the last 14 years, pulling together a collection of almost 80 items.

The item, a small jar of Shippam's Bloater, caught Ballinger's eye because of one of the ingredients.

'Apart from bloater (a term used for smoked herring), one of the other ingredients is ‘other fish',' he says. 'That just struck me as odd.'

And it was that odd fascination that piqued Ballinger's interest."

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Edible Books > Annual Milwaukee Show | Woodland Pattern Book Center + More edibles

The 5th Annual Milwaukee Edible Book Show < Woodland Pattern Book Center:
Petra Press Edible Book 2010

"The Edible Book Show, first conceived by Judith Hoffberg, a California-based publisher, curator and art critic, has spread rapidly across the United States and overseas since its inception in 2000. Every spring, bibliophiles, book artists and food lovers alike celebrate this annual event by making (and eating) edible books."

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Beatles Fans > 37th Annual Fest in Secaucus, New Jersey + #Beatles News stories

The party's over, but the favors last -

"37th Annual Fest for Beatles Fans in Secaucus, New Jersey. The celebrities are winging their way home. The last chorus of 'The End' has been tearfully sung. The conference rooms at the Crowne Plaza are empty until next March.

But zealous fans can still partake of 'very strange' Fest Goodies via the internet. And this year, there were some unbelievable purchases for fans with every size pocket book! Here are some of the highlights:

$$$$$ For those of you with BIG BUCKS and a penchant for serious collecting, take a look at the RIAA Gold Record Award presented to the Beatles. Documented, framed, and ready to hang on your wall, this one-of-a-kind artifact could be viewed up close and personal at the Fest. In fact, Gary Hein was on hand to give the complete history of the record in glowing detail. But don't despair! This $125,000 record may still be purchased to hang in your Beatles room via!"

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hat collection with a twist >> Boise Idaho

One Boise man’s ‘hat collection with a twist’ | Tim Woodward's Columns | Idaho Statesman:
"Ron Barker collects hats. That alone wouldn’t be unusual; lots of people collect hats. But Barker’s collection has an unusual twist. He only collects hats that have been lost, usually on or near a road.

Sartorial road kill.

“I like it because it engages the imagination,” he said. “Where did this hat come from? What’s its story? If it could talk, what would it say?”"

Collecting expensive european designer coats

He's gotta have it - Telegraph:
"For Oliver Beer, it all started quite innocuously, at a football match in 1985. He was watching his beloved Stoke City play when he noticed another fan wearing a handsome-looking jumper with a logo he had never seen before. They got talking, and the man explained that it was Stone Island, a new brand by an Italian designer called Massimo Osti. Afterwards Beer tried looking for it, but this was before the internet, before there were designer clothes available in every city centre and mail-order catalogue, and he drew a blank until the next year, when a shop called Review in Newcastle-under-Lyme began selling it."
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