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Most Diverse Art, Autograph, #Manuscripts and #Memorabilia Auctions Ever + More

One of the Most Diverse Art, Autograph, Manuscripts and Memorabilia Auctions Ever - Artwire Press Release from
Items include original Norman Rockwell painting, important George Washington handwritten letter, actual signed Oswald subpoena for Jack Ruby murder trial, Elvis, Hemingway, Salinger, etc."

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#Wine Collecting News: Judge Dismisses Koch Suit Against Christie's

Fine French WineImage by Joopey via Flickr

Judge Dismisses Koch Suit Against Christie's | Collecting News | Collecting | Wine Spectator:

"Koch is a fan of the old American West, collecting rifles, pistols and other memorabilia from that era. And he has described himself as a sheriff cleaning up the wine auction industry since he began filing lawsuits six years ago. He has told Wine Spectator that a major goal of those suits has been to force auction houses to reveal their records through discovery proceedings."

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Matchbook cover collections, Collector #StarWars #Worldsfair

Curiosity sparked keen interest in collections: + more matchbook cover collections at dotpattern

"Mr. Vigneault said he began collecting matchbooks when he was about 19 years old. He was walking down a street in Main South — the neighborhood he grew up in — when he spotted an unusual one discarded in the roadway. Mr. Vigneault said he doesn't remember what particularly struck him about the matchbook, but he took it home and showed it to his mother, Rita Vigneault, who encouraged him to begin collecting them.
Some of his sets have won prizes at conventions. His favorites include a series on the 1964-65 World Fair in New York City, and a rare collection of Navy, Army and Marine Corps matchbooks issued at the close of World War II."

Green #Jadeite #Collector + News > Antiques & #Collectibles

Antiques & Collectibles: Green jadeite adds splash of color - Post Bulletin:
"Most pieces were made by the Pennsylvania companies Jeannette Glass Co. and McKee and are most highly sought after. The more common are the pieces made from 1945 by the Anchor-Hocking Glass Co. of Lancaster, Ohio, which is also the biggest producer of Depression glass.

The Fire-King line, a brand of Anchor-Hocking glassware, includes bowls, casserole dishes, cups, plates, serving platters, creamers, vases and more. This glassware literally flooded the country for years because it was inexpensive."

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trading card collectors abbreviations + advice + news

Collectors advice and information - Blowout Cards Forums:

"BV = Beckett Value
SV = Street Value (eBay prices)
PC = Personal Collection
CMB = Check my bucket
DLVD = Delivered
GU = Game-Used (Obvious)
FS = For Sale (Obvious)
FT = For Trade (Obvious)
WTB = Wanted to buy (Obvious)
WTT = Want to trade (Obvious)
WTTF = Want to trade for (Obvious)"

NBA Card #Collector + News - Message Board Basketball Forum - #Hoops

NBA Card Collector? - Message Board Basketball Forum - InsideHoops:
"NBA Forum NBA Message Board - NBA Fan Forum"

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#Collecting Stories « Wellcome Collection blog: + related articles

Collecting Stories « Wellcome Collection blog:
George Nuku and Maori display case. Skin  exhibition, Wellcome Collection.
"In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, ‘archive fever’, or an obsession with collecting and recording things, was especially rife. Henry Wellcome and his contemporaries explored the world bringing back exotic objects to be dissected, analysed, compared and displayed. The resulting ‘cabinets of curiosity’, so popular with the Victorians, offered an opportunity to delight and horrify, particularly when accompanied by mythologized stories of ‘primitive peoples’."

Skin by Hailstories on Flickr
It was clear from the start that ‘Skin‘ would provoke mixed reactions in visitors: revulsion, fascination and powerful personal associations, often all wrapped up in the same object or drawing. The correspondent for Bristol’s ‘Helicon’ arts blog likened the experience to “recoiling from some gloriously riddled glittering treasure-box that you’re partly afraid to take from”.

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#Beer #Collecting news + Can #Collector looks for rare examples

Beer can collector looks for rare examples in Croydon (From Croydon Guardian):
Jeff Lebo with some rare british beer cans

CROY Beer can collector looks for rare examples in Croydon
"Jeff Lebo, who lives in America, has 80,000 beer cans - the largest collection of its kind in the world.

Mr Lebo is hoping to contact former employees of the Metal Box Company which was based in Acton and used to make beer cans in the 1950s and 60s including the famous Tennents cans, which featured photographs of glamorous women and picturesque scenery."

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Laurie Anderson retrospective in São Paulo March 29th

[]: "'I in U / I in You' - Laurie Anderson (Myspace page)

Retrospective show produced exclusively for the CCBB who will present a compelling set of original works by Laurie Anderson, made up of installations, photographs, drawings, videos, music and documentations of performances, creations produced since the 1970s to the present day | From March 29 to June 26"

Sean Kelly is delighted to announce that the major retrospective of work by Laurie Anderson, I in U - Eu em Tu, originally presented at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil (CCBB) in São Paulo will travel to the CCBB in Rio de Janeiro.

For further information on the exhibition and performances, please visit,128,10154,0,0,1,

#Treasure Map + Arizona #Mineral and #Fossil Show > #Bone #Collector + News

Who owns these bones? — High Country News:
"Each of the 114 rooms on the ground floor of this Tucson Ramada Inn is the setting for a similar scene during the Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show. The Ramada and 22 other motels and meeting halls house the world's largest and oldest gem and mineral extravaganza. For a week in late winter, this desert city glitters with rubies, opals, diamonds and fluorescent minerals. But to many of the 40,000 people who have come here, what really shines are the dusty fossils at the Ramada."

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