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6 Antique stores in Aukland, NZ Herald News

On the search for treasures - Life & Style - NZ Herald News
Matt and Lili Crockett from Kingsland's Fly By Night. Photo / Bruce Nicholson

New Zeeland antique stores

Coke bottle evolved from cork stopper (and essential ingredients) + related articles

Coke generation - Imgur
Coke generation

Evolution of the coke bottle

Classic toy cars auctioned | This is Hampshire (UK)

Classic toy cars up for auction (From This is Hampshire):
Valuer Helen James
"The stunning die-cast models are only one-eighteenth of the real cars’ size, but feature the same leather seats, windscreen wipers and windows.

The mystery private collector, who does not want to be named, is thought to have spent more than 20 years amassing the cars, which come from all over the world."

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Royal wedding: collectibles, royal biscuits and souvenir condoms? + related articles

Royal wedding: Boom time for Britain's patriotic entrepreneurs | UK news | The Observer:
margaret tyler royal collector
"“It’s an extension of my own family”: Margaret Tyler at home in north London. She has the UK’s largest private collection of royal memorabilia. Photograph: Richard Saker for the Observer"

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Broadway playbill and poster Collector

Some stuff we just can't part with because it reflects who we are:
"'I consider myself a casual collector,' says Kasden, 27. 'I put very little time into it, but I guess I take it seriously enough that I bought a shelf specifically for my albums. That's kind of funny.'"

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Bugatti 57SC Atlantic (one of three ever made) sold for €22 million + related articles

Classic Cars in the Fast Lane -
"In May 2010 Californian auction house Gooding and Company oversaw the private sale of a Bugatti 57SC Atlantic. The pre-war coupe, one of three ever made, was bought by an anonymous collector for an undisclosed sum, believed to be around $30 million (€22 million).

Journal Report

Read the complete Wealth Adviser report .

This comfortably eclipsed the previous record paid for a classic car, in Italy a year earlier, where an early 1960s Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa sold at public auction for $12.2 million. Rare though such headline sales remain, classic car values at all levels appear to be growing exponentially. Once the preserve of a small band of enthusiasts, classic cars have become the ideal choice for any investor who wants a little more in return than just hard cash."

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UPDATE: Havana Film festival discount TODAY ONLY + Cuba Art Now: 21c Museum Hotel exhibit celebrates depth of island's art

Cuba Now: 21c exhibit celebrates depth of island's art | The Courier-Journal
Sarah Lyon prepares the exhibit of Cuban art at 21c Museum Hotel last month. Nearly 100 works are on view through July.
Sarah Lyon prepares the exhibit of Cuban art at 21c Museum Hotel last month. Nearly 100 works are on view through July. (By Kylene Lloyd, The Courier-Journal)

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March is Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth Month #Zazzle #Squidoo

Winter Draggin’ On? nopooh, Maker of Men’s Fashion Graphic Tees Announces that March is Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth Month:

Rat Fink by Ed"Big Daddy"RothRat Fink Image via Wikipedia
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No one ever gets rich selling Postcards > Postcard value #collector + related articles

The Smart Collector: Seek advice of specialists for value of postcards, photos:
"The genre is called paper ephemera because early paper was not made to be collected. It deteriorates with age and is, therefore, ephemeral. Postcards and related material appeal because a nice collection can be built for very little money. Most cards sell for about $1; many go for far less. Long ago, a lifetime paper collector and dealer told me, 'No one ever gets rich selling postcards.'"

1918 memoir opens window to suffrage movement views - The Boston Globe

1918 memoir opens window to suffrage movement views - The Boston Globe:
"HARTFORD — Cheryl Dunson knew she had found something special when she saw the small black notebook, covered in a plastic sleeve, inside a cardboard box of old memorabilia at the Connecticut League of Women Voters.
The notebook, found last year, contained the views of Connecticut legislators on the issue of women’s suffrage.
Recorded inside, in meticulous blue script, were the memoirs of a suffrage leader who interviewed members of the all-male Connecticut General Assembly more than 90 years ago on whether women should be granted the right to vote."

Antique Radios Photo Gallery

Antique Radios Photo Gallery:

"Album: American Bosch, American Bosch Magneto Corp. & United American Bosch Corp.
Springfield, Massachussetts"

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