Sunday, October 16, 2011

The storage and display of vintage action figures | @Squidoo

The storage and display of vintage action figures:
"Dust, sunlight, fluctuating temperatures and humidity are all potential dangers for your collection.

Store collectibles in As a general rule, store your collection within the house, in cupboard or wardrobe spaces, "...therefore, it's better to avoid the two places that most readily spring to mind when one thinks about storage - the attic or the basement, as these are the areas in the home that suffer most from extremes of temperature and damp.

I usually keep a dozen or so figures safely on display in Protech cases and will rotate them for a change from time to time, but the bulk of my collection is carefully stored away in Ziploc bags within PP storage boxes. This lens takes a closer look at these methods and the other, surprisingly affordable vintage action figure storage and display solutions available."

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