Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Firefighting memorabilia collector proposed museum - Inland Southern California | PE.com

PASS: Firefighting memorabilia collector envisions starting museum | PE.com | News for Inland Southern California:
"Hammer, 62, has an extensive collection of firefighting artifacts that he has amassed over many years. Old lanterns, ladders, nozzles, hoses, breathing masks, toys, rattles, bells, hand pumps, fire extinguishers and much more are stored in a 2,400-square-foot building behind the Hammer's house.

The fire engines parked at home number nine, and four of them are his. The other five belong to a nonprofit organization, Fire Memories Inc., of which Hammer is volunteer chief executive officer.

Robert and Carolyn Green founded Fire Memories in 1998 in Indio and opened a museum in Washington state. When Robert Green died, his widow was unable to continue the museum and it was closed.

Now, Hammer and his associates at Fire Memories have proposed opening a fire museum at Noble Creek Community Park in Beaumont."


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