Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nimbus Frames Protect Nimble Collectibles | Independent Retailer

Nimbus Frames Protect Nimble Collectibles | Independent Retailer:
"20 percent of Americans collect some item or other. Whether a collector of stamps, coins, medals, banknotes or other objects, the primary duty of a collector is to safeguard the objects that may have monetary, personal or cultural significance. A collector’s passion is to collect objects and preserve or enhance a collectible’s value, while frequently finding joy in showing it off."

The Nimbus Frame, Lindner’s newest display and storage product, was originally conceptualized as a jewelry display, but quickly proved its worth in storing and protecting almost any collection. Patterson details the collection system, saying, “The design is a pressed wood frame that comes in eight sizes and shapes, each held together with the magnetic closure.” The selling point of the collection system, however, is its silicone membrane screen, holding the collectible in place. As Lindner’s website describes these screens, “The special feature of these frames are two transparent, flexible silicone membranes, which surround your exhibition items softly and create the impression that they levitate inside the frame.”

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