Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Poster designs for the Dexter TV show

These are original silk-screened posters for Dexter Season 1 - 5 created by graphic designer Ty Mattson. Another series of posters was created for the online webisodes based on the award-winning TV series from the Showtime cable network. Buy posters and find more information about Dexter and his Dark Passenger. Amplify’d from Michael C. Hall is DEXTER (
Posters for the DEXTER TV Series
Michael Carlisle Hall has enjoyed a long career with gruesome job descriptions, first in the television series "Six Feet Under" as a struggling funeral director, and now in his role as Dexter Morgan, a forensic "blood-splatter analyst" with an gruesome hobby.
Find original posters for Dexter Season 1 - 5, created by artists who are devoted to the series, and buy large advertising posters for the program that appeared on the side of buses and billboards in major urban centers across the country.

Dexter "Early Cuts" Poster

Early cuts is an animated web series that premiered just before Halloween in 2009. Michael Hall does the voice-over for his character in the animation. The producers also worked closely with Showtime to match the visual style and the sound effects of the TV show.

Dexter First Season - Room 103

Dexter Second Edition Room 103 Silk-Screen Print
This First Edition Room 103 Silk-Screen Print extracts an element from Ty Mattson's previous run of the Limited Edition Season 1 design, showing Dexter in the bloodbath crime scene of Room 103.
50 first edition, individually numbered prints personally signed by Ty Mattson

Dexter Season 2 - Second Edition

Dexter Second Edition Season 2 Silk-Screen Print
"I was so inspired that I decided to create one poster design for each season - highlighting the iconic moments from the show... I love how they turned out."

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