Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Collecting habit connected to Creativity | Psychology Today

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The Collection Connection to Creativity | Psychology Today:

... "collecting exercises a number of important mental tools necessary for creative thinking. The collector learns to observe acutely, to make fine distinctions and comparisons, to recognize patterns within her collection. These patterns include not only the elements that make up the collection, but the gaps in it as well."

It is a poorly recognized fact that many creative people are collectors. Scientist Charles Darwin became interested in studying nature when he became a collector of bugs. David M. Lee, a Nobel laureate in Physics not only collected bugs but also railway time tables and meteorological charts. Novelist Vladimir Nabokov was a passionate collector of butterflies. Nobel laureate (Literature) Giorgos Seferis collected sea shells. Artist Joan Miró collected siurells, clay whistles from Mallorca, Spain.

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