Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Restoration for works of art on paper

Art restoration techniques for posters and paper can be expensive, but the investment for artwork repairs can often be realized in the final value.
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Art restoration: posters, vintage advertising and memorabilia

Paper restoration is the next step after conservation to improve the appearance of posters, memorabilia and other works of art on paper. Restoration techniques are used to make cosmetic changes that can return works of art on paper to their original appearance.
Restoring vintage posters and paper can double the value of your vintage memorabilia and ephemera, especially now as investors turn to other types of assets with high growth potential like movie posters, advertising and paper collectibles.

Poster restoration techniques


Poster restoration video
The story of a movie poster collector who does restoration work on his valuable poster collection which hangs all over the walls of his house and studio.

Restoration of posters and fine art

Beatles before and after
Water damage is another paper defect that requires reconstruction of the basic paper material. This original Beatles '65 album cover soaked up water like a sponge along the bottom edge.

The Poster Series - Read more about collecting posters and restoring artwork. 

Is poster restoration right for you?

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