Friday, May 6, 2011

Postcards: History of Raphael Tuck & 'coloured scraps' | Knoxville News Sentinel

'Coloured scraps' a cut above with collectors | Knoxville News Sentinel:
These pictures created by Raphael Tuck and Co., are considered a precursor to modern scrapbooking.
"While postcards are perhaps the most well known of the products made by Raphael Tuck, this company also printed such items as paper dolls, children's books, jigsaw puzzles, Christmas cards and Valentine cards. They also produced items called 'coloured scraps' - which is what the items in today's question happen to be.

Raphael Tuck was born in Koschmin, Prussia (now Poland) on Aug. 7, 1821. He was a carpenter by trade and eventually had seven children with his wife, Ernestine. In 1864, when war broke out between Prussia and Denmark, Tuck decided to move his family to England. In 1865, they settled in London."

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