Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ford Pinto owners road rally celebrate car's comeback | Reporter-Herald, Loveland, Colo.

Pinto owners celebrate car's comeback with rally starting in Denver , 5/30/2011 - Reporter-Herald, Loveland, Colo.
Norm Bagi, who once lived in Boulder, is organizing a road rally from Denver to Pennsylvania to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Ford Pinto. He will be driving his light blue customized 1977 Boss Pinto with a mock Boss 302 engine, and his wife will be in her stock 1976 Pinto Runabout with a 2.8 V-6 that has power steering, brakes and air conditioning.

Once among the most popular cars in America, the Pinto is an endangered species.
Of the 3 million Pintos manufactured, experts estimate that fewer than 10,000 are still on the road.
Most Pintos ended up in junkyards, but some were stashed in grandparents’ garages, preserving the contemporary collector’s dream, right down to the original bucket seats and eight-track tape players.
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