Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Comic book action figures collector: passion into profits - Connecticut Post

star wars vintage figure collectionImage by simononly via Flickr
Collector of figurines and statues of comic book and movie heroes, villains and more, turns passion into profits - Connecticut Post:

"Though he has a wide variety of almost every popular collectible character, from the grotesque to the beautiful, Emmi is the first to say, 'I'm just scratching the surface of what's available.'

His mania for collecting -- his 'obsession' -- he said, took hold when he was no more than a 10 year-old in Queens, N.Y.

He purchased an 'Uncanny X-Men #175' comic book and was hooked.

Now, besides the more than 400 figures, Emmi has more than 50,000 comic books, each of which is stored in clear, acid-free plastic slips, and more than 900 DVDs, with all the shows in a series counting as one disc."

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