Monday, May 9, 2011

Collection of curios: Veteran Pop artist Peter Blake exhibit in Bath, UK | 'junk' is his inspiration - The Independent

Inside the jumbled mind of Peter Blake - News, Art - The Independent:
Sir Peter Blake surrounded by some of his collection in his London studio
"Peter Blake began collecting as a 14-year-old when he went to Gravesend Art School. 'I realised I was going there with no cultural history at all, so for the very first time I went into a junk shop and I bought a papier ma ché tray, a painting of the Queen Mary [featured in the 1982 collage], and a set of Shakespeare. I've been going to them ever since.'"

Speaking at his studio in west London, Blake gave a flavour of what people can expect. There will be a 5ft-tall ceremonial Indian elephant at the studio entrance that he bought half price from a Mayfair dealer. On a nearby table are six bowling balls, some china figures, miniature portraits and two undistinguished paintings of a house that have just arrived from a nearby auction house. "I go most weeks and leave a bid," Blake said. "And this is what I got this time."
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