Monday, May 9, 2011

Book collecting: Indulging in collector's mania | Mansfield News Journal |

Ron Simon: Pardon me while I indulge my collector's mania | Mansfield News Journal |
[[Long article about the pitfalls and triumphs of collecting (Civil War) books for 20 years+]]

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"... something unexpected always pops up. That's the beauty of book collecting.

Books on local history from Maine to California are worth a look, as are books about the rivers of the world, the lakes and the mountains. I recently found a neat book on West Coast volcanoes from Canada to California.

Sometimes it's a good idea to cruise through my books, read and reread, to make sure I'm not duplicating a subject. There have been a number of neat books written about the Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri rivers, but do I need another?"

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