Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art book collector: 2000 Piccaso books, self-published own works | Iowa City Press Citizen | press-citizen.com

A life’s labors collected | Iowa City Press Citizen | press-citizen.com:
"Lasansky still is collecting art books. In his Iowa City studio, alongside his latest massive paintings in various states of completion, is shelf after shelf of books from all manner of artists. With his Picasso books alone numbering more than 2,000, it’s as much library as it is a work space.

“I’m an artist, and all artists need books and art around them,” Lasansky said.
Now he has added one more book to his collection: his own."

A self-described perfectionist, Lasansky opted to establish his own publishing company, 4 Peaks Press, rather than work with an outside firm, allowing him to maintain complete control over the finished product.

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