Monday, May 2, 2011

Argus Camera: 10th annual International Gathering May 13 to 15 : Greensboro, NC

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Argus camera collectors find kinship here : : Greensboro
Local collector Ron Norwood will host the Argus Collectors Group

"Argus basically made about 100 cameras but these had variations, which sent the numbers higher. Norwood has about 200 in his main collection.

He met Doug Wilcox, who displayed his collection of 2,000 to 3,000 cameras in his Dyno Tees store in Martinsville, Va. The two started the Virginia-Carolina Classic Camera Collectors, which meets monthly.

“One year, we decided to invite all the Argus camera collectors to come to Martinsville for a day,” Norwood said. An invitation for collectors from North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Maryland was issued on the Argus Collectors Group Internet network.

“Much to our surprise, the night before, a carload of guys came walking in from Massachusetts,” Norwood said. “Another car comes in from Vermont and another from New York.

“We found out people were interested. Argus collectors from all over got interested because nobody else was doing it, and it has continued.”"

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