Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hell Note Currency collection is taboo in China | Star Publications (M) Bhd

‘Billionaire’ is one helluva collector:
Cheng and his wife Gwee Ah Mooi

“I was given an earful by my mother when I told her I wanted to start collecting hell money as it was a taboo to keep such things.


“My friends and family criticised my hobby but I went on with it because I know that one day, all these traditional items will be gone,” he said at his shop in Taman Johor Jaya here yesterday.

The father of two said he enjoyed looking at the different types of hell money as they came in striking colours."

Hell money, printed to look like legal bank notes, is usually burned as offerings during these two festivals and at funerals. Cheng said he presently had more than 500 types of notes in his collection, which he would display in photo albums for anyone who wished to look. “It is a documentation of our tradition that I keep for the younger generation.
“Some people refuse to touch or even take a look at my collection as they are afraid of bad luck,” he said, adding that it was a cheap hobby as a stack of hell money only costs a few ringgit.
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