Sunday, April 24, 2011

Booksellers catalogues: CD-ROM record early history of tarot cards and other important Bookcollecting resources | ILAB-LILA

Living With - And From - Books, Part 3 - Articles about rare books, antiquarian books, manuscripts, autographs, first editions, illustrated books,... - ILAB-LILA:
DVD Fortune, an interactive and playful “catalogue” that was presenting an extraordinary collection of different manuscripts and printed editions of divination works – from Fanti to Spirito to Marcolini – consulted using cards and dices. Thanks to the digital support, this kind of books was no longer used only as an example of magnificent illustrated editions, but it really could be once again be really “played” as the publishers had intended. Starting from the questions asked in the wheel of fortune, reproducing the exact divinatory path presented in the original work, we could get to the point where an answer could be offered for the different questions, such as happiness in life, love, our own spouse’s faithfulness, leaving for a trip...

"“This catalogue, unusual in a certain way, produced after some eighty years of activity of our Bookshop, that by tradition has been addressed more towards antique books, but which has always been very interested in the new cultural and market trends"

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